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McDonald’s doubles way into victory

MCDONALD’S triumphed with ease as they worked their runs in with countless doubles bringing in run after run to stack up defeating NSA Braves 16-3 during last Saturday’s game of the 2019 Saipan Little League Baseball held at the Capital Hill Ballfield.

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McDonald’s Dillion Santos throws the pitch  during last Saturday’s game of the 2019 Saipan Little League Baseball held at the Capital Hill Ballfield.  Photo by James F. Sablan Jr.

McDonald’s did not it easy from the start as only Casey Chambers was able to get a run in with a choice to steal home. Their runs started coming in during the second inning where the doubles started to come in. Double after double the bases filled quickly. Jordan Agulto upped his RBI as his fly ball to left field brought in Ezra Ada and Lance Acosta. Agulto then made in to home plate by Casey Chambers for a total of four runs to end with 5 2.

NSA Braves fought back for the first three innings with Jacob Babauta scoring the third run but their progress was halted after that. Dillion Santos’ pitching skills were unmatched as he struck out two consecutive batters in the third inning and continued to do so for the remainder of the game.

NSA Braves prevented a run from coming in at the fifth inning but could not hold a grip as they let McDonald’s attack at the next inning. More doubles filled the scorecard as McDonalds filled the bases once more. Kazu DLC, MJ Tudela, Ezra Ada and Dillan Santos all grabbed an RBI as nine runs were brought in while securing the win over NSA Braves 16-3.

Blue Jays also shared a dominant victory after silencing Kagman Marlins.

Blue Jays simply took over as eight runs were made in just the two innings. But it was the third the settled the game as it seemed almost regular for a run to be made after every possession. Marlins’ pitcher could not maintain a steady performance as the wild pitches gave Blue Jays the go-ahead while the rest were earned off countless RBI’s. A total of 19 runs were made at the third inning forcing the mercy rule to apply ending the game early 27-0.