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Qualifiers named for girls elementary all schools track & field

THE students that have qualified for the final event next Saturday in the elementary divisions of the 2019 Public School System/McDonald’s All Schools Track & Field Championships have been named.

Starting off the list in the Girls category is Saipan International School’s Beatrice Gross topping the U7 Girls 60m with a time of 11.24. Sapalyn Apas of Koblerville Elementary School follows at second place with a time of 11.79 and Saipan Community School’s Allie Brasuell completing the top three list with a time of 12.44. San Vicente Elementary School’s Kenieye Arriola, SIS’ Lucy Woo, William S. Reyes’ Harlow Pangelinan, Tanapag Elementary School’s Kaisa SanNicolas and Rota’s Niarah Muna also qualified.

The U9 Girls sprint off in the 60m event of the 2019 Public School System/McDonald’s All Schools Track & Field Championships held at the Oleai Sports Complex.  Photo by James F. Sablan Jr.The U9 Girls sprint off in the 60m event of the 2019 Public School System/McDonald’s All Schools Track & Field Championships held at the Oleai Sports Complex. Photo by James F. Sablan Jr.

Beatrice Gross continues to shine as she also topped the U17 100m event with a time of 18.59. Apan and Brasuell also followed up for the top three list with a time of 18.8 and 20.37 respectively. WSR’s Memzie Elieisar, Alliyah Villacrusis, Harlow Pangelinan, TES’ SanNicolas and Rota’s Keisha Atalig joined the eight total qualifiers.

Gross also topped the 200m marking a time of 42.11 followed by schoolmate Lucy Woo with 43.84 and Apas ending with a time of 43.84. Pangelinan, Villacrusis, SanNicolas and Rota’s Krisha Aguero made the list.

As for the 400m Lucy Woo made the top along with Brasuell, Apas, Eleiesar and Mount Carmel School’s Neya Tagabuel made the qualifiers.

Woo and Gross also topped the 800m and 1500m. aside from the regular qualifying names, WSR’s Cina Martino and Windsor Gross made the cut in the 800m while SIS’ Leilani Ruszala, BSS’ Sophia Smith and WSR’s Khristiana Cainiela made the Long Jump and WSR’s Friella Dela Santa and Althea Demapan made the softball throw.

In the U9 division KES’ Joelene Cabrera, Elizha Maratita, Aaliyah Cosmes, Mikaela Umali, Rosie Saralu, Paige Blanco, Ysabella Lenteja and Guadalupe Weilbacher qualified for the 60m.

Aaliyah Cosmes, Joelene Cabrera, Paige Blanco, Jellydiah Hong, Mikaela Umali, Elizha Maratita, Ysabella Lenteja, Guadalupe Weillbacher made the 100m.

Repeaters also made the 200m with Sari Barman, Jessundra Hocog and Tsubomiko Joab joining the honors.

In the 400m event it was Ashley Kasian who led the pack while Jellydia Hong followed after with Aires Jo Magofna, Reanni Sablan, Sari Barman, Karenna Shrestha and Elizha Maratita right behind.

Sari Barman led the 800m alongside Aires Jo Magofna, Angeline Quan, Jessie Campbell and Reanni Sablan.

Angeline Quan took control of the 1500m with Jessie Campbell, Yilu Wang and Jewell Saluta not too far behind.

In the long jump it was Rosie Saralu topping the charts with Tsudomiko Joab, Tina Chipwelong, Aaliyah Cosmes, Paige Bianco, Reanni Sablan, Jellydiah Hong and Joelene Cabrea making the list.

And lastly in the U9 list is the softball throw with Ysabella Lenteja holding the longest distance followed by Esme Manglona, Rhia Hernandez, Zaria Camacho, Angeline Quan, Sari Barman , Jessie Campbell and Aubrey Castro.

Completing the elementary girls list is the U11 category.

Savita Sikkel leads the 60m shadowed by Irin Chung, Ella Hall, Barbara Wang, Yulia Yasuda, Dain Lee, Elizabeth Chipwelong and Fiona Regan.

Sikkel also led the 100m with Dain Lee, Fiona Regan, Elizabeth Chipwelong, Irin Chung, Ella Hall, Billie Pangelinan and Aleeyah Hocog joining in.

Sikkel also made her third top appearance in the 200 holding the best time over Ella Hall, Dain Lee, Fiona Regan, Irin Chung, Elizabeth Chipwelong, Maralicia Castro and Aleeyah Hocog.

As for the 400m it was Dain Lee that took first place followed by Ashley Kasian, You Na Li, Barbara Wang, Phoenix Gross and Aislinn Laxamana (M.Lizama).

Sikkel, however, returned to grasp the 800m while Dain Lee, Fiona Regan, Barbara Wang, Ashley Kasian and Mary Fu came after.

She also topped the 1500m with Yulia Yasuda and Phoenix Gross making the list.

Sikkel did not stop there as she bested the Long Jump with Fiona Regan, Phoenix Gross, Yulia Yasuda, Elizabeth Chipwelong, Dain Lee, Maralicia Castro and Ashley Kasian right behind.

Dain Lee led the final softball throw event followed by Phoenix Gross, Mary Fu and Katrina Wu.