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Get ready for the zombie-filled obstacle course race

“THIS is a very mental version of what we’ve been doing. Because I’ve wanted to create more challenge rather than just making it purely physical.” explained the chief experience officer and course designer Kaz Endo during yesterday’s press conference alongside President Kelli Redd on the upcoming K10 “Survive” The KONQER Apocalypse Tour this Saturday held at the Chambre Bar in the Fiesta Resort & Spa.

“Movement Is Life” will be the motto of KONQER’s third installment in Saipan as they have filled the obstacle course with zombies for an extra challenge. The zombies will be a frustrating obstacle that has been added to KONQER’s 10th overall event, as an anniversary celebration making it much tougher to complete the course without getting bitten first.

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The sponsor, along with Presdient Kelli Redd and CEO Kaz Endo, make their best zombie impressions during yesterday’s press conference of the K10 “Survive” The KONQER Apocalypse Tour which was held at the Fiesta Resort & Spa Chambre Bar.  Photo by James F. Sablan Jr.

Endo shared details on how to survive this exciting course and it will take more than just your physical fitness to reach the finish line. “You will be able to ask yourself the question, ‘will you survive a zombie apocalypse?’” said Endo. “Now you can test that skill.” He added. Flags will be pinned on the “humans” where the “zombies” on the field will chase after you aiming to snatch the flag which then you will turn into a zombie yourself and search for the next flag to turn back into a human and complete the course. So with the already tough course to complete, you will now have to avoid turning into a zombie while trying to complete the course to be called the champion.

The 5k course will start at 9:00 a.m. at the American Memorial Park and you will proceed to Inos Peace Park and then end at the Lower Miha Housing.

There will be four major checkpoints with water stations in each of them. A total of four zombie zones will be included. In order to proceed onto the next course you must have a flag. There are a total of five courses with nearly 500 participants, or so-called zombie threats.

There are many places to hide during the zombie zones so strategizing with your team is essential to survive till the end. Endo also shared some tips to get ready for this apocalypse like preparation which includes hydrating, stretching and packing some gear, staying on your toes at all times and always have a plan.

“You still need teamwork to finish together and work ways to get across the course while avoiding zombies.” said course designer Endo.

This event will be the first of a series which will continue throughout the year. After Saturday, KONQER will make their way to Guam as the “Attack” phase of the zombie apocalypse theme on July and then Palau on November where they will take a break with a one day Eco-Race and then close on December in Palau in the “Defend” phase. They also plan to make their 14th event in Rota as the “Elite Enduro” which is yet to be confirmed.