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Smoke Eaters, Triple J rule KONQER

SMOKE EATERS of the Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services and Triple J (A) topped their respective categories of this year’s K10 “Survive” The KONQER Apocalypse Tour outrunning the zombies and the competition alike last Saturday ending at the Fiesta Resort & Spa beach side.

Smoke Eaters were amongst the quickest to complete the full course despite the inclement weather as they finished with a time of 01:38:35 to grasp the Enduro Team Winner award.

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Gold’s Gym team climbs up an obstacle course during last Saturday’s K10 “Survive” The KONQER Apocalypse Tour held at the Miha Housing.  Contributed photo
Smoke Eaters (DFEMS) poses after complete the K10 “Survive” The KONQER Apocalypse Tour last Saturday held at the Fiesta Resort & Spa beach side.  Contributed photo

From start to finish, Smoke Eaters kept a steady pacing slipping past through the zombies while battling through other teams and the rainy weather. They made the course look easy as they worked as a team to get each person past each obstacle and while avoiding being turned into a zombie.

Aside from the countless obstacles along the path, Smoke Eaters maintained a safe distance from the rest of the teams and made their way through to the finish line where they clocked in a time of 01:38:35 to claim the title of Enduro Team Winner.

As for the Business division it was Triple J (A) that triumphed completing the course at a quick time of 00:38:24 to claim the first place title. The zombies made it hard enough to get by but Triple J were sneaky enough to avoid the zombies to beat the top contender Gold’s Gym.

Gold’s Gym B made their way each obstacle without a sweat as their daily workouts proved how easy it was for them to get by but a few setbacks caused them to linger behind settling for second place with a finish time of 00:36:21.

Duty Free Shopping also made the list as their athleticism paid off. Although a few turned into zombies, they were quick to grab a flag and recover their humanity to finish the race at third place with a time of 00:39:54.

Aside from the team-based awards, Joshua Monglona proved that you could survive a zombie apocalypse alone, you just have to be quiet and smart enough to avoid the zombies and finish each obstacle.

Monglona’s quick feet kept him safe from the horde while he had no problem traversing though each obstacle to grasp the photo finish at a time of 00:53:26.

The full results will be posted at a later edition of Marianas Variety. You could also view the full results in which will be posted soon.