Gold’s Gym Saipan’s Fitness Assessment | My personal experience

EVERY successful vision needs a well thought-out plan. At Gold’s Gym Saipan, personal trainers work closely with members to develop a plan that will help them reach their fitness and wellness goals.

Certified personal gym trainer Michelle Masga, left, poses with Riane Capalad. Contributed photo

Gold’s Gym wants members to get started in the right direction and so it provides a complimentary fitness assessment as part of the annual memberships. I signed up for a fitness assessment and partnered with Michelle Masga, personal trainer, who guided me through the process. She is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer.

The personally tailored service creates a successful first step in achieving one’s fitness goals. A fitness assessment questionnaire was provided for me to complete which is a great way to help members communicate their medical background, any injuries, and fitness goals. I didn’t have any injuries, but I wanted to lose some unwanted weight. Michelle discussed this goal with me and then snapped a couple of quick photos that were analyzed to give me a “snapshot” of my current physical details like my body fat mass and lean body fat mass. This is useful for monitoring measurable progress.

According to Gold’ Gym general manager Tyce Mister, “For many people, their goal is to lose body fat but it is really important to maintain or even gain lean muscle. And this is very difficult to do. personal trainers can really help with this goal.”

Michelle guided me through dynamic and core movements that showed my strengths and weaknesses. She was very understanding and patient as I did all the movements that she recommended. Many of these movements improve stability and strengthen the core. This really helped me target parts of my body that I’ve never felt before while exercising.

Michelle pointed out the results of my “literally” breathtaking experience. “You are doing great. Your back is tight. Your hip flexors are tight. Your stability is okay, but your core is a bit weak and that’s the reason why your stability often fails. I can help you to strengthen your core and some other key muscle groups,” she said.

I have been really enjoying Gold’s Gym as a member, but completing the fitness assessment with a certified trainer like Michelle was an awesome opportunity! The most interesting part for me was the experience and the facility. Gold’s Gym Saipan’s staff members are very approachable, helpful and service oriented. The facility’s environment has a friendly ambiance welcoming both guests and members. Moreover, the gym has a nice variety of equipment and exercise classes.

Thanks to Gold’s Gym membership and fitness assessment, I’m finally enjoying and achieving the goals I desired: weight loss and toning up. In addition, I’ve become more active and stronger while attaining a healthier and happier lifestyle!

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