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KNFC vs SFC in 11v11 finals

KANOA Football Club and Paire Football Club will be facing off in the finale of the Dove Women’s League Spring 2019 11v11 after securing their seat eliminating Matansa Football Club and Paire Football Club, respectively, last Sunday held at the NMI Soccer Training Center.

Kanoa FC pulled through with the victory thanks to their strong start holding on and sending Matansa Football Club packing 6-3.

KNFC was quick on the trigger finger as they earned their first goal just three minutes into the game made by Mary Kay Alferos.

MFC played at a much slower pace which worked in their favor as they stopped the offensive break and retaliated at the 21st mark by Blas to even the score 1-1.

But as soon as KNFC regained momentum three more goals were added in the first half.

Irish Pagarao heated up and used her dribbling skills to slip past defenders with quickness firing two consecutive shots at the 30th and 31st mark handing back the lead to KNFC.

KNFC carried their fire over to the second half as they continued to bring in two more goals. Pagarao connected her third goal but was met with an answer on the other end just a minute later by Marinel Falalimpa to keep MFC alive.

However MFC failed to stop Pagarao as she drained one more goal to secure the win by a safe distance sending MFC packing 6-3.

Shirley’s Football Club has a much more dominant performance as they left Paire Football Club silent 8-0.

After a slow 2-0 first half lead, SFC were somehow rejuvenated as they exploded at the second half with a flurry of goals. Shot after shot Katrina Costales stole the spotlight making all five goals while PFC were left in awe settling for the early defeat 8-0.