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MJD Warriors hang on to 4th place in SBA Thursday League

AMARI’S MJD Warriors still stands tall in the top five of the 2019 SBA Budweiser Open 8-Ball League Thursday Division after collecting their 101st victory to keep their 4th place seat warm defeating 9Eleven Mellow Touch 10-3 last Thursday held at the 9Eleven Restobar.

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Amari’s MJD Warriors pose after their victory in last Thursday’s game of the 2019 SBA Budweiser Open 8-Ball Thursday League held at Amari’s Tavern.  Contributed photo

MJD Warriors at a smooth sail to victory as they established their dominance early. Rey, Roel and Jerry quickly earned the advantage as their one-on-one performance could not be matched pulling a 3-1 run at the opening Singles 8-Ball match.

Mellow Touch tried to stay alive as Pastor and Joseph managed to split the following Partners 8-Ball match but was left nearly silence one more at the second Singles 8-Ball match by MJD Warriors to extend their distance 7-3.

Mellow Touch lost all hope after that as MJD Warriors bagged the last three rounds to seal the deal 10-3.

Brannon’s DECM Wizards still linger closely behind MJD Warriors as they gathered their 100th win over 9Eleven Predators 8-5.

Despite Predators’ strong 3-1 start, Wizards made their way back up during the second Partners 8-Ball match with a 3-1 run of their own to tie the game 5-5. Their sudden comeback seemed to have ignited the fuel needed to maintain productivity as Roger, Albert, Senen and Lito powered through the remaining two matches to secure the win 8-5.

VFW Assassins also joined the winners’ column after upsetting Amari’s IT&E Homeboyz 9-4. Amari’s Bridge Capital also made the cut as they triumphed over Amari’s Titans 9-4 along with top team 9Eleven Club 88 BlackBall who had a near-perfect game against Brannon’s Grill 12-1.