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McDonald’s applauds Little League team for victory

THE McDonald’s major division Little League team on Monday received applause from its sponsors, McDonald’s Restaurant Saipan owners Joe Ayuyu and family after winning the 2019 major division championship title.

The McDonald’s team which has been participating in the annual Saipan Little League regular season for 19 years finally tasted victory and brought home the division championship trophy.

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McDonald’s Restaurant President Joe Ayuyu, left, and wife, owner/operator, Marcia, join the 2019 Saipan Little League major division champions, McDonald’s Team and their coach Ton Tenorio, third right, and manager, Patrick Tenorio, second right during barbecue at the Ayuyu residence on Monday.  Photo by Emmanuel T. Erediano

McDonald’s President Ayuyu and his wife, owner/operator Marcia thanked the players, their parents, the manager and the coaching staff for the perseverance and determination.

He also applauded them for their commitment in the sportsmanship that, despite of the 18 years of not winning the championship, they did not lose the winning spirit.

McDonald’s coach Ton Tenorio who started out as one of the players in 2004 said he was so proud to see the kids work really hard this season. He said he saw their skill levels and during games, they “put it on the field.”

“Coaching kids is always positive for me. I take a lot of pride in making sports better for the community,” he said.

Growing up in the team, Tenorio said he was always happier than the kids every time they win the game.

Tenorio and the Little League players also expressed their big thank you to Ayuyu and his family for their untiring support for the team.