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CNMI Men’s Volleyball Team ranked 13th with four other countries

FATHER and son duo Tyce and Logan Mister ended the Beach Volleyball event of the 2019 Pacific Games empty handed but managed to rank 13th with four other countries held at the beach volleyball courts in Apia, Samoa.

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Tyce Mister bends over for the bump return as son Logan Mister looks on during the qualifiers for the 2019 Pacific Games held at the Hyatt Regency Saipan.  Photo by James F. Sablan Jr.

The Misters had a tough time as they lost their bouts against Papua New Guinea and Kiribati but still managed to put up a fight showing their worth as a team.

CNMI first fought against Papua New Guinea.

During their first set the Misters displayed their teamwork but so did Batari and Walo who bested the CNMI bets 21-17. The Misters tried to keep up the pace during the second set but Papua New Guinea maintained a steady output to grasp the victory with ease 21-7.

The second time around CNMI went up against Kiribati but still suffered the same fate.

This time the Misters mustered up their best performance as they kept Manuera and Ioakim of Kiribati on their toes. However Kiribati still came out on top taking the win 21-16. No matter what CNMI threw at Kiribati, they could not gain the advantage as they ended in defeat once more at the second set 21-16 to sit at 4th place in Pool A with two points.

In the end it was Australia’s Ferguson and Dickson that took the gold medal followed by Tahiti’s Ena and Paraue for silver and Tonga’s Funaki and Fonohema for bronze.

CNMI ranked at 13 along with Cook Islands, New Caledonia and Nauru.

As for the Women’s division it was Vanuatu’s Pata and Toko that took gold while Tahiti’s Fareura and Maau took silver and American Samoa claiming bronze.