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Mark Isip, Noe Valdisimo top Hell of the Marianas, Pre-Hell Series 1

MARK Isip and Noe Valdisimo took the spotlight in the 2019 Hell of the Marianas, Pre-Hell Race Series 1 by topping their respective categories on Sunday. The race started and ended at the former Mariana Resort in Marpi.

Last year’s event was cancelled due to the destruction caused Typhoon Yutu. This time, bikers were ready to get back into action with Mark Isip leading the Road Bike Men’s Division. Isip and the competition traveled a total of 31 km from the former Mariana Resort, making their way to Mobil Tanapag, Suicide Cliff, Bird Island, Banzai Cliff and back to the former Mariana Resort.

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The participants in the Road Bike division race get ready for the start of the 2019 Hell of the Marianas, Pre Hell Series 1 in Marpi on Sunday.  Contributed photo
The category winners pose together during the awarding ceremony of the 2019 Hell of the Marianas, Pre-Hell Series 1  at the former Mariana Resort in Marpi, on Sunday.  Contributed photo

Isip had a strong performance as he took overall first place by a comfortable distance to cross the finish line at 01:03:49. The battle for second place was much more exciting as it came to a photo finish with Cesar Fortaleza taking second place by a hair with a time of 01:07:01 while Dencio Bautista settled for third place just one millisecond behind, 01:07:02.

Aside from the top overall finishers, other individuals were recognized in their age groups.

Justin Jones topped the 40 and below category with a time of 01:07:53. Nap Dizon was first in the 41- to 45-year-old category with a time of 01:11:30 followed by Ernie Henzon at 01:11:31.

In the 46- to 50-year-old category Bob Ferrer placed first ,clocking in at 01:07:51 to beat Rusty Valino who settled for second place with a time of 01:07:52. Ricky Suba was third at 01:09:41.

Russ Quinn topped the 51 to 55 category with a time of 01:09:12 while Floro Derexes dominated the 56 to 59 category by crossing the finish line with a time of 01:07:51. Phil Gauang trailed behind with a time of 01:19:15 and Edgar Abalos was third at 01:20:57.

In the 60 and above category, Loreto Dedoyco clocked in at 01:17:41 with Ponce Corotan in second place at 01:18:05.

As for the women’s division, JC Ferrer was first with a time of 01:07:50 while Heather Taylor was second place at 01:10:43 and Kanae Quinn was third at 01:12:41.

In the 40 and below category, Kathy Ruszala clocked 01:27:33 while Kimiko McKagen took the spotlight in the 46 to 50 category with a time of 01:14:46.

In the Mountain Bike Men’s Division, it was Noe Valdisimo who showcased his control in the rough terrain as he took first place overall with a whopping time of 01:13:16. In second place was Ding Ramos who clocked at 01:18:01 followed by Bernard Laborce in third place with a time of 01:19:10.

As for the 40 and below category, Chris Dong claimed first place with a time of 01:20:05; Reneboy Avila was second at 01:47:44; and Dennis Fronda was third at 01:51:45.

Hernan Cristobal clocked in at 01:19:43 to top the 41 to 45 category. Matt Buenabajo (01:26:42) was first in the 46 to 50 category; Norlo Jacosalem (01:30:51) triumphed in the 56 to 59 category; and Pax Guevarra (01:20:32) was numero uno in the 60 and above category.