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Robbie Schorr and the joy of playing tennis

SAIPAN International School student Robbie Schorr, who is one of the CNMI’s top tennis players, has learned to manage his time.

CNMI tennis player Robbie Schorr bites the gold medal he won at the recent XVI Pacific Games in Samoa. Contributed photo

He has a busy schedule that includes participation in various tennis tournaments. Lately, these include the 2019 Northern Marianas Junior Championship, the Pacific Nations Cup in Fiji, the Oceania Closed Junior Championship in Fiji, and the XVI Pacific Games in Samoa.

“Sports has always been so intriguing to me, both to watch and especially play,” Schorr said in an interview.

The 17-year-old recently was named the CNMI’s Male Student Athlete of the Month.

At the XVI Pacific Games in Samoa, he was part of CNMI tennis team that earned three gold medals. His team-mates were Carol Lee, Colin Sinclair, Ken Song, Bobby Cruz, Malika Miyawaki, Isabel Heras and Tania Tan.

Schorr said he is proud to share his victories with the other CNMI players.

As for managing sports and school, it’s tough, he said. “But I am able to manage my time well and still able to keep up my grades.”

Schorr said soccer was his first sport when he was six years old. At the age of eight, he added, he wanted to try tennis.

He has also played basketball and baseball, “but tennis is my favorite.”

The professional tennis player that he looks up to is Rafael Nadal because of the Spaniard’s determination and attitude.

It was CNMI Sports Hall of Famer Jeff Race who first trained Schorr, then 9 years old, in tennis. Later on, Schorr began to join local tennis tournaments to gain experience and knowledge. Eventually, he began participating in international tennis events to represent the CNMI.

Last year, he won the U16 title in the Pacifica Oceania Junior Championship in Fiji.

He said despite the frequent travels and catching up on schoolwork, it is always important to stay focused on the competition and on further improving his skills.

“It is just the joy of playing and knowing that putting in the hard work will pay off in the end,” he added.

He will be a senior next month at Saipan International School and is already looking forward to more challenges on the tennis court.