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CNMI’s James Lee completes day 1 of OCR championship in London

JAMES Lee and his team-mates proudly represented the CNMI in the Obstacle Course Race World Championship in London, but he was unable to complete the course due to an injury.

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James Lee hangs on as he crosses an obstacle course during the Obstacle Course Race World Championship in London.  Contributed photo
Team CNMI members pose with their Guam counterparts during the Obstacle Course Race World Championship in London.  Contributed photo

“Though I wasn’t able to compete on day 2 due to injury from day 1 of the event, I feel that we had accomplished quite a bit,” Lee said in an email. “We not only represented our islands we also gained recognition half-way across the world along with 67 other countries.”

According to Lee, “It was a bit surreal when we were applauded and cheered by both the athletes and audience after the announcer introduced the CNMI to the crowd. The CNMI is now officially the 68th country/jurisdiction to participate and we could not be more proud of that. Next year, the team’s CNMI jersey will be designed and sold globally by OCR World Championships, just as they did for Team Guam this year when they first participated last year. If we’re lucky we’ll be able to see our flag at the next world championship being hanged at the starting or finishing line. Hopefully then, I’ll be able to round up more athletes to participate.”

Lee said “as an athlete, being able to finish day 1 of the race and able to complete each obstacle was an accomplishment and an experience in itself. It was definitely more than I could ever expect. Being able to compete with thousands of people all over the world and not to mention against some of the world’s elite athletes was such an honor and a humbling experience.”

Lee said the obstacles were intense, but it was the cold, wet and windy weather that got the best of him. “It was more of a mental challenge than physical. Prior to competing at the world championship, the only thing I had to go by to be familiar with some of the obstacles were through videos on YouTube…. But the world championship was definitely at a whole different level. So this experience allowed me to know what to train for and more importantly, I can pass on the knowledge to anyone back home that would like to participate in this sport.”