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Black Panther, As'Guardians vie for Avengers volleyball title

BLACK Panther continues their catwalk to the championship title of the 2019 Avengers Volleyball League as they still hold an undefeated recorded while slipping into the semifinals round after last Friday's games held at the Gilbert C. Ada gym.

Black Panther's aggressiveness and speed was the key to victory defeating the bigger team We Are Groot through all three sets 25-17, 23-25, 15-12 to secure their spot in the semifinals. The first set was under their control thanks to Jerico Castro's consistent and powerful spikes. We Are Groot stood close by however using their height and teamwork. Tyce Mister, Bruce Berline and Nick Gross were huge factors on defense disrupting most of Black Panther's attack but, without speed, could not keep up long enough to keep the ball in the air.

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Black Panther's Charlie Borja connects the spike over We Are Groot  during last Friday's game of the 2019 Avengers Volleyball League held at the Gilbert C. Ada gym.
As'Guardian's Mike Omar sets up with a bump during last Friday's game of the 2019 Avengers Volleyball League held at the Gilbert C. Ada gym.  Photos by James F. Sablan Jr.

Bryan Chlarson and Jeffrey Riban also Black Panther's run with Ceceile Guevarra and Pee Jay Sandoval supporting from the backline aiding in their victory on the first set 25-17.

We Are Groot made sure they were not going down without a fight as they made their comeback in the second set.

They played with care picking their shots to gain the advantage. Tyler Wilsey joined the rally setting up Berline and Gross for the spike finishes while the rest of the team contributed in their own way to stay ahead. Black Panther continued to put the pressure with their never-ending spikes creating free balls for the strong finish but We Are Groot stood their ground long enough to snag the second set 25-23 forcing the third and final set.

Despite We Are Groot's fight for survival their efforts were cut short. Black Panther's thirst for the title was seen as they cooked up enough momentum to grasp the win needed to remain undefeated and advance to the semifinals round.

As'Guardians had a tough game as well but managed to stretch the night fighting through all three sets against Ol'Aces to secure the second seat in the semis.

The first set felt like a championship match as both teams had an answer for every shot. Ol'Aces played well using their persistency to stay in the game. John Nekaifes had the power to get passed As'Guardians defense sending a barrage of spikes. He not only made the spikes but denied a few shots as well keeping the game close.

Luckily for As'Guardians, they kept aiming for the win. Mike Omar and RJ Litulumar led the offense with smart placements and with the rest of the team's help pulled through with the extended 27-25 victory.

Ol'Aces returned fire at the second set with another extended match 26-24. Douglas Schmidt and Jack Kabriel had the quick response time to keep the ball alive during the third and final set but could not maintain it long enough as As'Guardians slipped away with the win 16-14 to claim the seat.

Ol'Aces will be facing Iron Spike today and We Are Groot against Straight Outta Nowhere in the losers' semi bracket.