For the love of sports

RACHEL Abrams, a multi-talented athlete, has made her name well-known in the sports in the CNMI and other Pacific regions.

The 20-year-old national team member has shown that, with the passion for sports, one could achieve greatness at any level.

“The love of sports is what inspires me. I have been doing sports for so long it has become a very important part of my life. I love staying active, being healthy, and I just love the holistic nature of it all.” stated Abrams during an interview.

Rachel AbramsRachel Abrams

“Sports have had a huge impact on my life and I would be the person I am today without it,” she added.

Abrams first started basketball during her freshmen year in high school.

“I had never even liked basketball but joined because I thought my friend was good and she wouldn’t join unless I did. So that’s how it all started, I started love basketball because of my teammates and bond that grew between us,” she said.

Abrams has greatly improved her game as she participated in off-island tournaments—in Palau, Guam and Pohnpei.

She was a huge factor in the CNMI Women National team during the 2014 Micro Games; at one game, she led in scoring which forced the opposing team to triple team Abrams in order to stop her.

Abrams also showed interest in soccer, playing a little during elementary but started training for it during her sophomore year. She joined the first women’s Shirley’s team.

Abrams not only dominated in the sport of basketball but in track and field as well.

“I feel like I’ve been running track ever since I came out of the womb, I could remember racing my neighbors and cousins before I was even enrolled in preschool. I have always been an active child,” she said.

She has been to eight off- island meets in track and did not come out empty handed. Abrams has set the record of the 200m run during last year’s Micro Games with a recorded time of 26.29 seconds to break Yvonne Bennett’s time of 26.41 which was held during the 2010 Micro Games.

She added the 100-meter hurdles and high jump gold medals to her already stacked awards.

“I play volleyball too but I love to participate in all sports if I have the opportunity,” said Abrams.

“I have received a few awards too because I have been in athletics since I was 2nd grade I believe and since then I’ve been joining any sport and every sport growing up,” she said.

Her passion for sports has brought her far winning all kinds of awards. Her biggest award was given earlier this year during the Northern Marianas Sports Association Annual Sports Banquet as she was honored with the title of Female Athlete of the Year.