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Austria’s Wasle defends XTERRA Saipan crown

AUSTRIA’S Carina Wasle defended her title beating her only opponent, Guam’s Mieko Carey as XTERRA Saipan raced its 16th on Saturday.

Wasle completed the entire raced in 3:18:54 putting a wide gap ahead of Carey who came at 3:34:29.

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Austria’s Carina Wasle speeds up downhill during the 16th XTERRA Saipan on Saturday.Austria’s Carina Wasle speeds up downhill during the 16th XTERRA Saipan on Saturday.
Guam’s Mieko Carey bikes down hill.Guam’s Mieko Carey bikes down hill.
Austria’s Carina Wasle celebrates as she crosses the finish line during the 16th XTERRA Saipan on Satruday.  Photos by Emmanuel T. EredianoAustria’s Carina Wasle celebrates as she crosses the finish line during the 16th XTERRA Saipan on Satruday. Photos by Emmanuel T. Erediano

For Wasle it was perfect race once again. The weather she said was just in a perfect condition.

“It was not that hot, it was dry, but a little cool breeze going up the mountain,” she said.

It was just great defending her crown, she said, and she did it by staying in focus during all the courses.

“I looked at my rhythm and raced as best as I can. Not too hard so that I can make it through without struggling,” Wasle said.

It takes a good timing when to push it hard and when not to, in able to defend her title this year.

“I had a good bike uphill but my downhill was slow because I did not want to risk falling. I just made sure I stayed on the bike,” said Wasle who led Carey in all the courses.

Wasle completed her swim in 23:51 against Carey’s 24:39. She also left Carey behind in the bike course, with a 1:48:44 and the run course with a 1:06:19.

Also racing in the women’s division were Japan’s Kamo Motoka who clocked in at 5:23:44 and owned the 30 to 34 age division title. Guam’s Leilani Sablan was also the lone wolf in the 35 to 39 age division with a 6:03:03 and Michelle Santos, also of Guam the only participant in the 50 to 54 clocking in at 5:51:11.

In the men’s division, Saipan’s Taiga Sato dominated the 15 to 19 age division with a 3:56:10. Von Adrian Libayan and Enfeng Wang also of Saipan came second and third respectively with a 4:09:15 and 4:35:54.

Saipan’s Charlie Sendin won first place in the 35 to 39 age with a 3:42:22; Arizona’s Micahel Orin came second with a 3:58:05 and Japan’s Hirano Keisuke, third with a 3:59:05.

Philippines’ Alexander Cenzon raced unchallenged in the 40 to 44 age division with a 4:44:22.

Guam’s Roger James Sardea clocked in at 4:17:50 to beat Japan’s Hiraku Yoshiki who clocked in at 6:19:13 in the 45 to 49 age division race.

Hong Kong’s Nestor Glenn Gonzales prevailed in the 50 to 54 age division over five other racers with a 4:42:47. Guam’s Rick Leone came second with a 3:48:38 and Saipan’s Tyce Mister won the third place with a 4:02:46.

Japan’s Ono Yuji won the title in the 55 to 59 age division with a 3:56:34; Reno Nevada’s Mark Walters, second with 4:11:28 and Colorado’s Donald Stover, third with a 4:47:42.

Boise, Idaho’s Allison Moore was the lone wolf in the 65 to 69 completing the race in 5:03:45 and Michigan’s GL Brown in the 70 up, finishing the race in 6:35:32.

In the relay race, the team of Ernesto Moises, Bob Ferrer and Roy Ortizo won the title with an overall time of 3:54:44.

Moises trailed in the swim course completing it in 29:03. He was way behind Kento Akimaru who reached the shore first with a 19:59.

But Ferrer made it up big time in the bike race with a 2:03:56 and Ortizo kept pace in the front completing it in 1:21:45.

The team of younger breed of local athletes, Jinju Thompson, Wynn Brillo and Rintaro Miyawaki came second with a total time of 3:54:44.

Thompson finished the swim course in 27:56; Brillo took the bike in 2:13:59 and Miyawaki, the run, in 1:12:59.