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Debbie I tops 33rd Saipan International Fishing derby

DEBBIE I reeled in a 384.50-pound marlin to top the bill fish category of the Saipan Fishermen Association’s 33rd Saipan International Fishing Tournament.

Guam’s Debbie I Captain Roque Chaco and crew members, Anthony Chaco, Randal Chaco, Ray Chaco and Romy Magan brought caught the biggest catch just a few hours after launching in morning of the final day of the tournament.

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Guam’s Debbie I Captain Roque Chaco, crew members and family present the biggest catch—a 384.50 marlin to win the first place in the bill fish category of the 33rd Saipan International Fishing Tournament at the Smiling Cove Marina.  Photo by Floyd Masga
The 344.50-lbs marlin caught by Aquaholics is being weighed during the 33rd Saipan International Fishing Tournament at the Smiling Cove Marina.  Photo by Emmanuel T. Erediano

Their catch was more than double the weight of the 32nd derby champion, a 117-50-pounder caught by Cabo Express last year.

Debbie I also broke the 2015 record of 234.5-pound caught by Emmanuel during the 31st Saipan International Fishing Tournament. Emmanuel however still holds the record of 942-pound bill fish caught in 2012 tournament.

In the last few hours of the opening day, Aquaholics captained by Tony Flores brought ashore the second biggest catch—a 344.50-pound marlin. Flores and other Aquaholics anglers, Luis Manibusan and Norbert Diaz said they spotted the bill fish north of Marpi, about 31 miles from Smiling Cove Marina.

The third biggest catch was the 184-85 bill fish reeled in by Boat captain Jess Taitano and crewmembers, Ernie Eugenio and Frank Agulto of DGBY.

Jesus Maria’s Jesse C. Taitano and Jesseboy A. Taitano caught the heaviest wahoo that weighed 30.15 lbs.

Winning second place in the wahoo category was boat CM 142 PU captained by Raymond Sablan. He and his crewmembers, Manny Sablan and Ferick Aguon caught a 28.40 wahoo.

Settling for the third place was Trophy Bayliner’s captain Joaquin Namauleg and his anglers, Joalton, Jiamin Han, Peter Aldan and Ryan Garde who caught a 28.05 wahoo.

Rosemary’s Tom Aguon and Eugene Bolton topped the yellowfin category with a 22.30-pounder.

Taking the second place was AJ captained by Bob Hudkins for a 21.10-pound yellowfin and third, Dela Paz captained by Peter Mendiola for a 13.5 pounder.

My Lady Gora won the first place in the skipjack category catching a 21.45 pounder; Maya came second with a 19.95 pounds and St. James, third with a 19 pounds.

My Lady Gora is captained by Jesse B. Aldan, Maya, by Nito Nieto and St. James by Antonio Maestro.

SFA President Gene Weaver noted however that no one caught mahi-mahi in the two-day event.

“We have no mahi-mahi on the board. We want to give away all the prize money,” he said.

Having no one winning the mahi category,eh said will leave the cash prize for the category untouched but it’s up to the committee what to do with it.

Weaver also noted how hard all the members and officers worked to make the event another success.

The number of boats that participated was 64, a one-boat higher than last year.

All the boats came back safely, and that is how Weaver gauge a successful event.

“It is successful when I know that all the 64 boats are anchored and home safely,” he said.

There was also a good turnout in the participation on the marine debris category sponsored by Mariana Islands Nature Alliance.

SFA, Weaver said would like to thank all the sponsors, the volunteers and the participants without whom the success of the event won’t be possible.