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8-Black Ball leads SBA Thursday League with 119 wins

CHOWTIME 8-Black Ball lengthened their stay in the top spot of the Thursday Division of the 2017 SBA Budweiser Open 8-Ball League after banking their 119th victory over Tasha’s Extreme 8-5 last Thursday held at the Tasha’s Beach Beer & Chicken.

Exterme held their end of the battle fairy well as they split the opening Singles and Partners 8-Ball matches evenly 3-3.

However, Extreme failed to keep up with 8-Black Ball during the second Singles 8-Ball match as Erwin was the only player to triumph in the 4-round exchange falling behind 4-6.

Extreme tried to stay alive taking the first round of the second Singles 8-Ball match but failed to keep 8-Black Ball from grabbing the final win needed to triumph 8-5.

The ChowTime BlueHaus Homeboyz pulled a shocking upset over Tasha’s Wild Bills 8-5.

ChowTime 8-Black Ball smiles after their victory over Tasha’s Extreme during last Thursday’s game of the 2017 SBA Budweiser Open 8-Ball Thursday League at Tasha’s Beach Beer & Chicken.  Contributed photo

The Homeboyz’s strong 3-1 start fired them up as they kept pushing forward holding on to the lead. The Wild Bills fought back splitting the Partners 8-Ball match evenly but the Homeboyz retaliated with another 3-1 run to keep the distance 7-3.

Despite the inevitable loss, the Wild Bills did not go down without a fight sweeping the second Partners 8-Ball match to soften the blow 8-5.

Jam Shooters shared another similar story as they finished strong stunning 9Eleven Titans II 7-6.

Neither team could gain control as they split the first three matches 5-5.

But the Jam Shooters pulled out all their strings during the second Partners 8-Ball match snatching the 2-win sweep to secure the win as only one round remained 7-6.

The 9Eleven MJD Warriors still trial behind 8-Black Ball at second place as they defeated Sands Team SCS 7-6 to gain their 115th win.