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Hustlers, Titans prolong battle for 1st place in SBA Tuesday League

THE fight for the top spot of the 2017 SBA Budweiser Open 8-Ball Tuesday League is still on the as 9Eleven Docomo Titans climbed again by posting 119th win to share first place with the Docomo Hustlers after concluding last Tuesday’s game held at the ChowTime Restaurant.

The Titans nearly lost the chance to move up but rallied late in the game to stun the ChowTime Assassins 9-4.

The Assassins came in with a surprise attack gaining a 3-1 lead after the first two matches.

However the Titans did not let their rough start faze them as they answer back during the second Singles 8-Ball match with a 2-1 run cutting the deficit within a one point reach.

Tasha’s Str8 Black Ball’s Rey Hermongenes lines up for a shot during last Tuesday’s game of the 2017 SBA Budweiser Open 8-Ball Tuesday League at Tasha’s Beach Beer & Chicken.  Contributed photo

The Titans’ sudden retaliation seemed to have stunned the Assassins as they were left silenced for the remainder of the game. They claimed the next four matches flawlessly collecting six consecutive wins to outgun the Assassins and take the victory 9-4.

The 9Eleven Docomo Hustlers failed to keep the top spot to themselves as they suffered defeat against the ChowTime BlueHaus Destroyers 5-8.

Hustlers’ Cobra and Erwin opened up the Singles 8-Ball victorious to gain control 2-1. Although they were able to hold on taking the next Partners 8-Ball match, the Destroyers quickly rose back with a 2-1 and bagging the second Partners 8-Ball match to tie the game 4-4.

The Hustlers kept the lead tight in their hands as they snatched another 2-1 run and followed up with the last two matches to upset Hustlers 8-5 denying their ascension.

Tasha’s Str8 Black Ball joined the winners’ circle as they triumphed against Tasha’s Crazy 8 8-5 to stay strong at second place with 117 wins.