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Evangelista wins Muay Thai match, K-1 kids battle to draw

PRIOR to the start of the mixed martial arts portion of its card, Rites of Passage 22: Rampage played host to two very entertaining opening kickboxing bouts.

One was a full Muay Thai rules bout; the other, the first K-1 rules kids’ exhibition kickboxing match to be held in Trench Warz promotional history.

Guam Muay Thai’s Derrick Evangelista nails Zalaka’s Riley Miwata with an inside low kick during the lone Muay Thai match on the Rites of Passage 22 undercard.  Photo by Vicente “Ben” Salas II

Evangelista wins via TKO

Guam Muay Thai’s Derrick Evangelista put away late replacement Railey Miwata, of Zalaka, with second-round strikes in their 135-pound full Muay Thai rules encounter.

Although Evangelista had done enough to secure the first round in his favor with aggression and strikes landed, Miwata was no pushover and landed some clean punches of his own.

However, Evangelista had the more polished technique between the two and it showed in his ability to more smoothly string together punches and kicks.

Despite the match taking place under full Muay Thai rules, it was interesting to see Evangelista not lean as heavily on knees and elbows from the Thai clinch.

Instead, the GMT product opted to use his length to strike with straight punches and low kicks from the perimeter.

One could sense the end was near when Evangelista backed the increasingly gun shy Miwata against the cage and let loose with a flurry of hard combinations.

Miwata eventually wilted under the onslaught.

After seeing the Zalaka rep was unlikely to mount a comeback of any sort and not defending adequately, guest referee Frank “The Crank” Camacho intervened at 1:30 of Round 2.

Youngsters “Two Two” and “Pretty Boy” battle to a draw

Trench Tech’s Luis “Two Two” Litulumar, 11, and Team Tinian’s William “Pretty Boy” King, 10, made the most of their chance to be the first children to partake in a three round exhibition K-1 bout in TW and ROP history.

The youths moved in a manner more characteristic of men than boys, with the amount of discipline and control displayed in their techniques.

King was the aggressor early in Round 1, scoring with leg and body kicks.

While Litulumar seemed hesitant at first, it later became apparent that he was sizing his opponent up and getting a feel for King’s timing.

Once Litulumar found his rhythm, he started marching King down and found a home for some nice low kicks and counter punches.

At the conclusion of three rounds, referee Camacho raised both young combatants’ hands in victory to signal a draw.