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My Line Call: Beyond passion for tennis

Goodbye to Atty. Reynaldo O. Yana

REY’S tennis passion is not only confined to wielding his racket alone. He self-volunteered to pick up trash from bins that he donated to the American Memorial Park Tennis Center. He turned off the court lights at 10 pm every day. He gave kids old rackets and used tennis balls to play in the hope that someday they would pick up the game. He was a delightful sight at the park.

Two days ago, I paid my last respects to Rey who is my tennis partner and godfather to my second son. The burial was in pensive sadness, but deep inside me I was celebrating and envious because his passing was on a good note. Why I should not be.

Eli BuenaventuraEli Buenaventura

In the eulogy speech of his longtime friend, former Judge Juan Lizama, deliveries of his families, and testimonies of many friends, they were all attested to Rey’s good deeds, kindness, generosity, righteousness and voluntary spirit.

Rey will probably be remembered for his successful appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court the case status of the 300 stateless Korean and Filipino children which was ruled out by the U.S. District Court. He got less for this monumental effort but he knew in his heart he would be paid more somewhere.

My attestation to Rey is predominantly tennis that spans more than 15 years. His serve and volley game and my tiring baseline tennis gave us a couple of championships and handful of runner ups. Although we win more than we lose, our method is actually contrasting. He hates warm up and I am addict to it. He is a serve and volley player and I am a stubborn baseliner. I check my tennis gears hours before our game and Rey reads a pocket book.

I remember one tournament outing in Guam. Our match the following day was very important. Before I went to bed, I made sure my tennis racket grip was replaced. My two rackets’ strings were okay .I played movie in my mind rehearsing my game plan. While I was doing this, Rey was enjoying the Phantom of the Opera movie. We easily lost the first set and we had to work like a mule to take the second and third sets. We went on to win the tournament.

Life was not at all rosy for Rey. He was incarcerated, disbarred from practicing law, and in the process developed depression. As bitter as it might be, Rey took the pill and swallowed it alone. He will probably be more remembered for this sorry stage of his living. People easily recall bad chips than good ones.

In my final view of Rey’s body laid on the wooden casket, I touched his face, chest and hand, imagining how my death body would feel like just when my time is up.After all, good or bad, death will be my final stop.

Good bye Rey. Thanks for everything.