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Bureau of Environmental Health announces results of sanitary inspections

(Press Release) — The Bureau of Environmental Health conducted sanitary inspections, during the month of November on the following retails, eating and drinking establishments and their grades are as follows:

Grade “A”

1) Green Meadow Daycare, Gualo Rai

2) Pure Love Daycare, Gualo Rai

3) Best Market, Koblerville

4) Vi-Lyn’s BBQ Stands, Garapan

5) Mariana Resort (outlets), Marpi

• Gekka Teppan Yaki Bar

• Main Kitchen

• La Stella Restaurant

• 12th Night Restaurant

• Gift Shop

• Pudu King Café

• Ocean Retail

• Employee’s Cafeteria

6) Pearl River, Chalan Laulau

• Wholesale

• Packing

7) Smart Start Nurturing Center, Garapan

8) Monster Pizza Restaurant, Garapan

9) I Shop Saipan, Garapan

10) Good Day Restaurant, Susupe

11) LF Restaurant, Chalan Kanoa

12) Korean Community School of Saipan, Afetna

13) Susan’s BBQ Stand, San Vicente

14) San Jose Mart (Refilling Station), San Jose

15) San Roque Market and Butcher, San Roque

16) Bostonian Bakery, Chalan Laulau

17) Gusto Product, Fina Sisu

18) Sura Korean Restaurant, Garapan

19) Yong An Tofu Manufacture, Garapan

20) Chinen Ice Candy, Garapan

• Retail

• Manufacture

21) Pier Restaurant, Garapan

22) WJC Fish Mart, San Vicente

23) 9 Eleven Resto Bar, San Jose

24) Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation, Navy Hill

• Cafeteria

25) Saipan Panda Store, Susupe

26) Saipan Panda Store, Garapan

27) Cool Market, Fina Sisu

28) Hua Noni Soap and Coconut Product Wholesale, Garapan

29) Ajisen Ramen, Garapan

30) Himawari

• Bakery

• Retail

31) Angel Snack Bar, San Jose

32) Pajukol Restaurant, San Antonio

Grade “B”

1) Guangdong Emp. Cafeteria (As Lito)

2) San Jose Mart, San Jose

• Retail

• Butcher and Packing

3) Chow Time Restaurant, Garapan

4) Charco Catering, Garapan

5) 999 Market, Chalan Piao

Grade “C”

1) The Nipa Hut Catering, Garapan

Establishments ordered close for serious violations of health and sanitation standards:

*suspension date

**resume operation

1) Oriental Dumpling Restaurant, Chalan Laulau *2/22/17

2) Susan’s Catering, San Vicente *10/26/17 **11/15.17

3) 9-Eleven Resto Bar, San Jose *11/17/17 **11/22/17

4) Ajisen Ramen Restaurant, Garapan *11/22/17 **11/22/17