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Government health insurance open enrollment deadline: Dec. 20

(Office of the Governor) — Secretary of Finance Larrisa Larson would like to remind retirees and government employees that the Government Health and Life Insurance Trust Fund or GHLI open enrollment period is ongoing until Dec. 20.

Larson said the 2018 policy shows a 6 percent decrease on the employee share, an offset afforded to currently enrolled government retirees as well.

“The GHLI renewed its group health policy with Aetna International, and the new rates will be effective Jan. 1, 2018 through Dec. 31, 2018. Open enrollment is ongoing and will continue until Dec. 20, 2017. Currently enrolled government employees and retirees may make changes to their coverage if needed during this period and those currently enrolled do not need to re-enroll,” Larson said.

Larrisa LarsonLarrisa Larson

She added that active employees not currently covered by Aetna may apply for coverage, and retirees who previously declined enrollment when first eligible will be unable to enroll. New retirees, however, are able to enroll within a specific time from their retirement date.

For active government contributions, an employee will pay $79.66 for high end coverage, $25.44 for low coverage, $2.20 for basic coverage. An employee and spouse will now pay $163.30 for high coverage, $52.15 for low coverage and $4.50 for basic. An employee and their family will now pay $254.91 instead of $272.07 for high coverage, $81.40 for low, and $7.01 for basic.

For government retirees, enrollees will pay $86.30 for high coverage, $27.56 for low, $2.38 for basic. Inclusion of retiree spouses will cost $176.91 for high, $50.49 for low, and $4.88 for basic. For retirees and their family, $276.15 for high coverage, $88.18 for low, and $7.60 for basic.

Gov. Ralph D.L.G. Torres encourages current government employees to take advantage of the lowered health insurance policy. “I thank Department of Finance for their continued diligence in addressing the high cost of healthcare. I hope to see more participants in the government’s group insurance plans especially with the decrease in premium rates. I encourage more of our government employees and retirees to take advantage of this,” he said.

Pacific Insurance Underwriters is the resident general agent for Aetna in the commonwealth and will assist during the open enrollment. For more information,0 call 664-1100.