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Artists: There’s still room for you

(Press Release) — This coming Thursday, August 16, marks the beginning of a workshop for artists unlike anything the CNMI has experienced in the past nor is likely to experience in the future for some time.

It is the “Business Development Workshop for Artists”: ten 3-hour sessions spanning three months and packed with the very best. If you’re a serious, aspiring artist, an established artist, or an artist wanting to broaden their knowledge base because you want to broaden the impact of your art, you should seriously consider applying for one of the few remaining slots.

The deadline for submission of your application is today, Friday, by 3 p.m. But we’ve extended the submission deadline to this coming Monday, August 19, by 3 p.m.. We had an English fisherman here a few months ago who has an unusual skill marked by a world record. He’s a long-distance caster and his world record was 870 feet! We provided two, free clinics on Saipan, one on Tinian, and one on Rota. And dozens upon dozens later said that they wished they had attended. But he nor any other long-distance caster with credentials will visit the CNMI and provide free long-distance casting clinics. This workshop for artists is not something that you want to be in the position to having “wished” you had attended…it will be too late and the likelihood of a repeat is not very great.

You will learn from a very unusual but productive perspective how to better market your artwork both within the CNMI and beyond. You’ll better understand the four types of customers and the peculiarities of the buyer. You’ll wrap your mind around the idea that “no one buys art” and where this leads to in better understanding your expanding place in the market. There will be opportunities to wrestle with the “PTA Principle” and, in developing this ability, to gain millions of dollars within your lifetime. We’ll spend time on signage, display, and packaging. We’ll differentiate between traditional sources of money and non-traditional sources. Within this later group are a number of sources that play a unique role primarily within the art community. We’ll gain insight into the multiplicative impact of “Team Play” from which you’ll benefit. And, in considering “Plans for Growth,” we’ll discuss “How to work smarter rather than work harder.”

You’ll find application packets at the following locations: the public library (front counter), Susupe; Bridge Capital (front counter), Garapan; and the Commonwealth Council of Arts & Culture office (front counter), Capital Hill next to the post office. For further information or questions call CCAC at 322-9982 or Gary Liddle, workshop coach, at 989-4400 /

We hope you’ll consider making this important investment in yourself. Its content won’t be found in a single book, neither on YouTube, nor is it Google-able. We’ve removed the obstacle of cost — if selected to participate, there will be no cost to you. But you will have to put aside visits to the Thursday Night Market, the new movie screenings at Hollywood Theater, the dart competitions, and other such can’t have your cake and eat it too (interesting idiomatic expression...meaning, you can’t have everything).

We at the Commonwealth Council of Arts & Culture hope that you will participate in this unusual offering. And may “Ongedechuul” become one of your life mottoes stemming from this training (“What seems impossible will be made possible!”).