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List of scheduled power interruptions

(CUC) —  The  Commonwealth Utilities Corp. would like to inform the general  public about the following power interruptions:

Thursday, Aug. 16,

5 a.m. to 10 a.m.

  • • Outage type: Sectionalized feeder outage on Kiya 3 distribution circuit first partial
  • • Village location: Chalan Laulau
  • • Affected power service area(s): Chalan Laulau
  • • Affected water service area(s): None
  • • Pole Replacement(s): 1

Saturday, Aug. 18

5 a.m. to 10 a.m.

  • • Outage type: Sectionalized feeder outage on the Kiya 2 distribution circuit 2nd partial
  • • Village location: As Lito
  • • Affected power service area(s): As Lito
  • • Affected water service area(s): As Lito, Tottotville, South San Vicente,  Upper Dandan and Naftan Area
  • • Pole Replacement(s): 3

The purpose of the power  interruptions is to de-energize utility lines and allow  CUC  linemen the ability  to conduct maintenance  of the power distribution  system through the replacement  of wooden poles with concrete poles  at certain  locations  of the power grid. The scheduled power  interruption is a  continuation of  CUC’s  ongoing  hazard  mitigation  project  that  focuses  on  strengthening  and hardening  CUC’s  power  distribution system  through  the  replacement of 787  wooden  poles  with concrete  poles. Of  the  787  total wooden  poles  to  be  replaced  with  concrete  poles, 755  pole replacements  have been made by CUC and its contractor.

Because of the scale of work that will be performed,  CUC asks travelers to take alternate  routes or to exercise  caution  when driving  through the working area.

For more information,  contact the CUC Customer Call Center at 664-4282 or monitor its Facebook page for the latest  updates (