BEH conducts sanitary inspections

(CHCC) — In January, the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation’s Bureau of Environmental Health conducted sanitary inspections of 56 retail and food service establishments.

Through this release, CHCC-BEH is providing the names of establishments by inspection grade and the names of establishments which were ordered to close for serious violations of health and sanitation standards. For these establishments, CHCC-BEH provided the suspension date and the date they were certified to resume operations, if applicable.

Scores and classifications for Food Safety Rating:


Grade A

1. Susan’s Catering, Chalan Laulau

2. Tang Ji Restaurant, Gualo Rai

3. New Shao Shun Ying Noodle House, Garapan

4. CMG Mobil Mart, San Jose

5. Ador Restaurant, San Antonio

6. Country House Restaurant, Garapan

7. LJ Mart, Chalan Kanoa

8. LJ Mart II, Garapan

9. Made in Saipan Gift Shop, Garapan

10. San Antonio Super Market, San Antonio

11. Sun Leader Wholesale, As Terlaje

12. Saipan Panda Store, Garapan

13. Everest Kitchen, Garapan

14. Save More Market, China Town

15. Char’s Thrifty Store, Chalan Laulau

16. Aqua Resort Club, Achugao (inclusive of 5 food & drink outlets)

• Cafeteria, Gift Shop, Bakery, Rey Lounge & Sunset Beach BBQ

17. Kensington Hotel, San Roque (inclusive of 11 food & drink outlets)

• Ohas Bar, Splash Bar, Infinity Bar, Queens Club, Grace Ball Room, Bakery

• Main Kitchen, Cafeteria, Butcher, Lovia & East Room, Meisho

18. Summer Snow Café, Susupe

19. I Mart, Tanapag

20. Caravan Bakery, Garapan

21. 999 Market, Chalan Piao

22. J’S Restaurant, Gualo Rai

23. Stars and Stripes Dinner Cruise, Outer Cove Marina

24. Tonchi Mart, Susupe

25. Tian Market, Chalan Kanoa

26. LF Market, Chalan Kanoa

27. Shinsen Restaurant, Garapan

28. Micronesian Brokers Wholesale, Lower Navy Hill

29. Fiesta Resort and Spa, Garapan (inclusive of 11 food & drink outlets)

• Tasty Burger and Ribs, Mai Teppanyaki

• Executive Lounge, World Café, World Terrace Cafe

• Main Kitchen, Cafeteria, Bakery

• Ocean View Show, Chamber Bar & Hibiscus Hall

Grade B

1. Judy’s Café, As Lito

2. JJ Market, Koblerville

3. Matty’s BBQ and Catering, As Lito

Grade C


Establishments ordered closed for serious violations of health and sanitation standards


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