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Sanitary inspections conducted at 76 food establishments

(CHCC) — In February, the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation’s Bureau of Environmental Health  conducted sanitary inspections of 76 retail and food service establishments.

CHCC-BEH is providing the names of establishments by inspection grade and the names of establishments which were ordered to close for serious violations of health and sanitation standards. For these establishments, the suspension date and the date they were certified to resume operations, if applicable, are also provided.

Scores and classifications for food safety rating:

  • • 90-100, Grade A
  • • 80-89, Grade B
  • • 70-79, Grade C
  • • < 69, Closure/Suspension

Grade A

1. Saipan Travel, As Lito

2. Alpex Saipan Wholesale, San Antonio

3. Downtown Market and Butcher, San Jose

4. Roberto’s Catering, Fina Sisu

5. New CK Market, Chalan Kanoa

6. SPE Wholesale, Chalan Kiya

7. Korean Red Ginseng Gift Shop, Garapan

8. H-Mart Wholesale, San Antonio

9. H-Mart Retail, San Antonio

10. Joeten Superstore Wholesale, San Jose

11. Joeten Superstore Retail, San Jose

12. Boo Ga Food, Chalan Kanoa

13. Toha Supermarket, San Antonio

14. Shirley’s Coffee Shop, Garapan

15. Shirley’s Coffee Shop, Susupe

16. New 7 Star Market, Dandan

17. New Top Store, Dandan

18. J&N Mini Mart, Tanapag

19. Hyatt Regency Saipan, Garapan (inclusive of 12 outlets): Skippers Bay, Lobby Lounge, Teppanyaki, Club Lounge Bar, DJ’s Corner, Giovanni, Kili Café & Terrace, Splash Pool Bar, Main Kitchen, Bakery, Cafeteria, Miyako

20. Shun Fu Market, Gualo Rai

21. YZL Market, San Antonio

22. Zoom Café, Susupe

23. Lucky De Market, Dandan

24. Lucky De Market Butcher, Dandan

25. Garapan Restaurant, Garapan

26. New L&Q Market, Garapan

27. Islander Mini Mart, San Antonio

28. Ming Yang Supermarket, San Vicente

29. Ming Yang Supermarket Butcher, San Vicente

30. Tony’s Dumpling, San Antonio

31. Fiesta Catering, Managaha Island

32. Bostonian Bakery, Chalan Laulau

33. Kazan Restaurant, Garapan

34. Jin Li Store, Dandan

35. Eden Restaurant, Garapan

36. Thai Mini Catering, As Teo

37. The Old B Bank Bar, Garapan

38. Kuri-Ya Restaurant, Gualo Rai

39. Kesy Marketing Wholesale, Gualo Rai

40. Saipan Store, Garapan

41. KS Market, Garapan

42. Kevin’s Café, Garapan

43. Fong’s Bakery/Catering, Susupe

44. Han Nam Supermarket, Koblerville

45. Free Town Wholesale, San Antonio

46. Twins Supermarket/Butcher, Dandan

47. Lucky R Catering/Bakery, Chalan Kiya

48. Aiko’s Deli Café, Dandan

49. MV Reyes Catering, Papago

50. Twins Supermarket/Butcher, Puerto Rico

51. Mariana Breeze, Gualo Rai

52. Paris Croissant Bakery, Garapan

53. Ina’s Kitchen, Sadog Tasi

54. Coconut Tei Restaurant, Garapan

55. Himawari Restaurant/Wholesale, Garapan

Grade B

1. Toha Supermarket Butcher, San Antonio

2. Good Day Restaurant, Susupe

3. Marg’s Kitchen & Bakery, Susupe

4. Southern Terrace, Garapan

5. My Space Restaurant, Garapan

6. Han Nam Catering, Koblerville

7. Diamond Restaurant, Garapan

8. New Shin Restaurant, Garapan

Grade C


Establishments ordered closed for serious violations of health and sanitation standards

My Space Restaurant, Garapan (closed on 2/14/19, re-opened on 2/19/19)

For more information, call the BEH at 664-4870/72/73, or email the director of BEH, John Tagabuel, at

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