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Theft of goods at Dandan store

(DPS) — On Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at about 12:07 p.m., the Department of Public Safety received a 911 reporting a theft at the New Family Discount Market in Dandan. Officers were dispatched to the scene.

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If you know the individual in this photo, call 911 or the CNMI Crime Stoppers hotline at 234-7272.  DPS photo

At approximately 12:24 p.m., officers arrived at the scene and met with the cashier who claimed to be the caller. The cashier stated that she was handling the cash register around 11:38 a.m. when she noticed a male individual wearing a red t-shirt, dark colored short pants, dark colored shoes, and a black colored waist pouch walk into the store and suspiciously walk through the aisles in the store before walking out.

Upon reviewing the surveillance footage she noticed the individual appeared to have stuffed an item from the canned goods aisle into his waist pouch. That was when she called 911 to report the crime committed. When officers arrived the cashier showed the video footage to them. When the officers asked if she could save a copy of the footage for evidence, the cashier said she woul have someone copy the footage and give it to DPS for evidence.

Officers learned from the cashier that this was not the first time that the individual suspiciously walked through the store’s aisles before walking out.

The Department of Public Safety is seeking the public’s help in identifying the individual in the photo. If you have any information related to the theft reported at New Family Discount Market, call 911. If you wish to remain anonymous please call the CNMI Crime Stoppers hotline at 234-7272.