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DPS reminds public not to leave keys inside unattended vehicle

(Press Release) — The Department of Public Safety would like to remind the public not to leave vehicle keys inside an unattended

vehicle. In recent weeks there have been several reports of stolen vehicles throughout the island of Saipan. In most of these cases it was found that vehicles had their keys left inside while unattended by the owner.

In an effort to prevent similar cases, DPS is asking the public to take all measures in securing your vehicle.

According to the vehicle code under CNMI law, any unattended motor vehicle that is not being operated must have the engine turned off, with the ignition keys removed. While also setting the parking brake and having the vehicles’ front wheels turned towards the curb when on a hill or incline. For more details on the CNMI vehicle code visit

DPS highly encourages the public to call 911 anytime to report a crime or an emergency. Our officers are here to help you.