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Published Natural Resource Condition Assessment Report for American Memorial Park

(Press Release) — The U.S. National Park Service announces that the publication “Natural Resource Condition Assessment Report” or NRCA for American Memorial Park is available to the public. The NRCA provides a broad range of data regarding conditions of the natural resources within the park and surrounding areas.

The project is a result of a cooperative partnership with American Memorial Park, the University of Guam Marine Laboratory and its project partner, Pacific Coastal and Regional Planning. The NRCA addresses five resource groupings representing the most prominent natural assets of the park: mangroves and wetlands, coastal scrub and secondary forest, shore and near-shore environment, developed green space, and hydrological features. For each of these components the NRCA explains the importance of the resource to the park, measures the resource condition based on historic baselines and changes over time, and provides a graphic depiction of current resource conditions, employing maps and images. The study culminates with an in-depth discussion of threats and stressors to park resources and the identification of data gaps and research themes.

The publication is available for viewing at:

For more information on programs at American Memorial Park, contact Lead Ranger Brooke Nevitt at 670-234-7207 ext. 2020 or via email at: