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Youth Program at American Memorial Park

(Press Release) — Once again, American Memorial Park and Pacific Historic Parks are hosting the annual program — “Icons of World War II.”

The program leads children in hands on learning about iconic WWII figures. Last year featured Rosie the Riveter, the servicemen who left home to fight in the war, and the locals who were drafted as Marine Scouts. This year the program will feature two men who also played a significant role in our islands’ history: Herman “Pan” Guerrero of Herman’s Bakery and Haruji Matsue, also known as the Sugar King.

On Saturday, Oct. 19 from 8:30-2:30, the park welcomes youth to participate in the first session: Herman “Pan” Guerrero: A Baker in War. Herman Guerrero established a business during a time of war and hardship, opening up his bakery 75 years ago, in 1944. Participants will learn about Herman “Pan” Guerrero and how he built his business in such challenging times. In partnership with Herman’s Bakery and the Guerrero family, participants will be able to visit the bakery and go on an exciting tour of the original establishment in Dandan.

The park invites children ages 5-12 to join them for this fun and educational opportunity to taste a piece of Saipan’s history. To register or for questions about the program please contact Jovannalyn Mafnas at or call 234-7207 x 2020.