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Around the Islands: New pharmacy supports recycling

New pharmacy supports recycling

(Brabú) — “Our vision is to support healthy living and a healthy environment,” says Ted Parker, co-owner of the new Brabu Pharmacy and Wellness Center in Gualo Rai.

“In my mind, that’s the foundation of wellness, and why our business is dedicated to supporting the government’s recycling efforts. Presently we recycle our cans, glass, and paper. We also store our reusable packing materials and cardboard boxes, and have a limited supply of reusable styrofoam coolers, and ice packs. People are invited to call-in or stop by to pick up any of these materials that they can reuse. It’s our way of thinking globally and acting locally.”
Brabu opened its doors in June, but is already seeing a steady stream of new customers.
April Aldan, Brabu’s patient specialist, says she wanted to work at Brabu because she always enjoyed working with Ted, and John Douglas, the other owner.
“Many people have said how glad they are to see them back behind the counter. They are both just really nice guys, good with patients, and people know they can trust them to offer reasonable prices.”
Parker said: “This is my home. I want to take care of it, and the people who live here.”
Brabu’s software system is a state-of-the-art pharmacy computer system.
It allows for electronic data storage, and for the pharmacy to be a paperless operation, which the owners hope will lessen their contribution to Saipan’s landfill.
“The software is also very fast,” says Parker. “After we register a patient, prescriptions and refills take minutes, with short waiting times.”
The software system also stores a scanned copy of all prescriptions and displays an image of the medication to be dispensed.
“This virtually eliminates filling errors, no matter how busy we get, and things are looking like they are going to get very busy,” says Parker.
Brabu Pharmacy and Wellness Center is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays.
For more informatino, call 233-AMOT (2668), or e-mail

Panel seeks names for leadership memorial


(Saipan Municipal Council) — The planning committee for the Saipan Leadership Memorial Courtyard is finalizing development plans for the courtyard, which will be located in Chalan Kanoa across from the U.S. Post Office.
The committee seeks the help of the Saipan community in completing its listing of names to be placed on the memorial.
While the memorial will be updated in the future as new leaders are added, the planning committee would like to see the first listing of names on the memorial to be as accurate as possible.
The leadership memorial will include all of the names of all elected leaders during the period of the islands’ political status as a commonwealth of the United States.
The memorial will also include significant appointed leaders prior to the inception of the commonwealth. These may include appointed/elected mayors, early Marianas district leaders, chiefs of police, elected or appointed representatives, etc.
The committee needs the families of past leaders to submit names, titles and any other pertinent information related to the individual and their position to the planning committee.
You may write this information down for submission, or you may complete a simple form that is available at the Municipal Council, the NMI Museum of History and Culture, or the Marianas Variety.
The form can also be faxed to you by request.
Names and information may be submitted in person, or may be faxed to 664-2170, or e-mailed to,, or
The deadline for the first round of submission of names and information is Aug. 30.