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Census: 49.36% of residents born in NMI

ALMOST half of the residents in the commonwealth at the time of the 2010 Census were born here.

According to the 2010 CNMI Demographic Profile Summary File, Census of Population and Housing, 26,599 residents out of the total 53,883 population were born in the Northern Marianas.

1,641 or 3.04 percent were born in the U.S.; 2.22 percent or 1,198 were born in other U.S. jurisdictions; and 277 or less than 1 percent were born elsewhere of U.S. parents.

Foreign nationals in the Northern Marianas totaled 24,168 in 2010: 21,670 from Asia, 2,325 from Oceania; and 173 from elsewhere.

Of the 21,670 residents of Asian descent, 14,506 or 66.94 percent were from the Philippines; 15.71 percent or 3,405 from China; 8.7 percent or 1,887 from Korea; 2.25 percent or 487 from Bangladesh; 3.25 percent or 705 from Japan; 3.18 percent or 680 from other Asian countries.

With 2,325 residents from Oceania, 1,465 were from the Federated States of Micronesia; 62, Marshall Islands; 741, Palau; 57, other areas in Oceania.

Out of the 26,599 residents born in the CNMI, 23,565 reside on Saipan, 1,597 on Tinian, and 1,437 on Rota.

Of those born in the continental U.S., 1,493 live on Saipan; 87, Tinian; and 61, Rota.

As to residents born in other U.S. jurisdictions, 914 out of the total 1,198 live on Saipan; 85, Tinian; and 199, Rota.

U.S. citizens who were born outside the CNMI to U.S. parents totaled 277 in 2010: 255, Saipan; 13, Tinian; and 9, Rota.

Of the 24,168 foreign born residents, 12,461 arrived in the CNMI between 2000 and March 2010 while 11,707 entered before 2000.

There were 984 naturalized U.S. citizens and 23,184 non-U.S. citizens at the time of the 2010 census.

Of those 23,184 foreign nationals, 12,274 or 52.94 percent entered the commonwealth between 2000 and March 2010, while 47.05 percent entered before 2000.

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