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Looking back on Pagan (2)

BASED on historical accounts, the first people of the Northern Marianas known as Chamorros navigated to the islands about 2000 BC from Southeast Asia.






















In the 1800s, the Refaluwasch or Carolinian people arrived in the Marianas from the Carolines which are now the Federated States of Micronesia.

Northern Island Mayor’s Office program manager Jerome Aldan said in order to know the value of the Northern Islands you have to understand what is on them.

He said he spoke to some students on Saipan and asked them what they know about the Northern Islands.

Most asked if the islands were really far north.

“If our children don’t understand the history of their Northern Islands then how can they understand and value its importance to our lives?” Aldan said.

In school, Aldan said the children are taught about U.S. history but they don’t understand their own NMI history.

“How can the historical and cultural values of these islands be known if we ourselves don’t take the time to know or understand as we do not discuss them and educate ourselves about the history of these pristine and beautiful islands?” he asked.

The CNMI people and most especially the people of Northern Marianas descent should know and understand the values of these islands because these are their islands.

According to Aldan, latte stones can still be seen today at Regusa Beach on Pagan.

Moreover, a hemispherical capstone and rectangular upright with an inscription indicating “1819” are among other ancient artifacts that can be found in the same area.

There is also the Mortar stone by the Barringtonia asiatica or fish poison trees; the reef naturally carved by the local people’s ancestors embarking and disembarking on canoes from this area; and the petroglyphs to be found in caves.

“Many if not all the historical sites on Pagan will be indiscriminately destroyed by the military activities if we do not protect them from man-made molestation and the rape of our pristine land and ecosystem,” Aldan said.

He said lots people may not know about these historical sites on Pagan because they are not taught in schools.

“History can determine who we are and where we came from and it is essential that it is made known that the military will destroy this history and it will be forever lost,” he said.

Pagan/Northern Islands Settlement & Development Milestones & Turning Points

• 2008: Public Law 16-8 Mayoral Authority Over Disposition of Public Land

2009: Public Law 16-50 Northern Islands Village and Agriculture Homesteading Act of         2008

• 2010: Pending Implementation of P.L. 16-50 on Homesteading

• 2010: Marianas Expedition Wildlife Surveys (Pagan)

• 2010: Pagan Terrestrial Arthropod Survey

• 2011: Pending Implementation of P.L. 16-50 on Homesteading

• 2011: Vegetation Assessment of Pagan Forest

• 2011: Hapag-Llyod Expedition Cruise Ship: Hanseatic

• 2012: Pending Implementation of PL 16-50 on Homesteading

• 1st Northern Frontier Summit on Resettlement & Redevelopment at Saipan Fiesta Resort

• CNMI 2012-2016 Tourism Master Plan 3

• Untapped EcoTourism: A Visit to the Northern Islands (Photos Courtesy of L. Knight)

• Pagan Cold Storage Project

• Pagan Community Fishing Community: Phase 2

• Island of Enchantment Resort Plan (submitted by Herman B. Cabrera & Associates to the Department of Public Lands)

• Pagan Volcano Development Plan (Volcano Development Group)

• Arctic Circle Pagan Air Link

• Exclusive Energy Self-Sufficient Eco-Resort Plan (Green Global Solutions)

• NAVFAC Micronesian Megapode Life History Baseline Study (Saipan & Sarigan)

• Pozzolan Exploratory Survey and Sample Testing (Jadeford Parcels “B” & “C”)

• 2013: Pozzolon Extraction for Research (Hipertex Armor Group Parcels “B” & “C”)

• Pozzolan Leasehold on Parcel “A”

• Pending Implementation of P.L. 16-50 on Homesteading

• Pagan Cold Storage Project Solar Panel Accessories for Procurement by DLNR

• Senate Bill 18-85 on Free Trade Zone passed the Senate and referred to the lower house

• Federal Register Notice of Intent for Militarization of Pagan (March)

• Pagan Militarization Scoping Meetings (April)

• Scoping Comments on Pagan Militarization (May)

• Pagan Volcano Imaging & Monitoring Program (Homeland Security & EMO)

• 2014: Pending Implementation of P.L. 16-50 on Homesteading

• Silver Expedition Cruise to Pagan and Maug

• Pagan Militarization Public Hearing

• Draft EIS/OEIS NOA on Pagan Militarization (November)

• Draft EIS/OEIS Public Hearings on Pagan Militarization (December)

• 2016: Final EIS/OEIS NOA on Pagan Militarization (March)

• Record of Decision on Pagan Militarization April5