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Regional News

Cancer drug movie strikes nerve in China, becomes box-office hit

BEIJING (Reuters) — A low-budget Chinese movie about a leukemia patient who turns to smuggling cheaper cancer drugs from India has struck a chord with Internet users and even the country’s leaders, spotlighting national anxieties about unaffordable hospital care.

Japan exports to US fall, business mood sours amid fears of trade war

TOKYO (Reuters) — Japan’s exports to the United States fell for the first time in 17 months and Japanese business sentiment soured amid worries about President Donald Trump’s protectionist trade policies.

South Korea court orders compensation to victims of 2014 ferry sinking

SEOUL (Reuters) — A South Korean court ruled on Thursday that the government and the operator of the Sewol ferry, which sank in 2014 killing 304 people mostly school children, must compensate the victims’ families.

Tongue-lashings from North Korea’s Kim underscore shift in focus to economy

SEOUL (Reuters) — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s strident rebukes of officials during recent trips to industrial sites were aimed at rallying support at home for his economic drive and convincing outsiders about his willingness to denuclearize.

Xi’s campaign to draw people back to greying rural China faces uphill battle

SHUANGFENG COUNTY, China (Reuters) — Liu Deke, 73, puffed away on a roll-up as he threshed stalks of dried rapeseed on a large canvas sheet. Nearby, plumes of billowy smoke from burning stalks drifted across the rice fields.

Philippines could breach US sanctions if Russia arms deal proceeds

MANILA (Reuters) — The Philippines is at risk of breaching sanctions imposed by the United States if it proceeds with the purchase of grenade launchers from a blacklisted Russian firm, a deal that could test its longtime security alliance with Washington.

Indigenous people and their land

MANY indigenous people are closely linked to their land and water which provide them with their daily needs. Hence, they consider it their obligation to preserve their environment which is an important part of their culture and traditions.

China won’t allow Philippines to fall into a ‘debt trap’: envoy

MANILA (Reuters) — China will not allow the Philippines to fall into a “debt trap,” even as it has committed itself to handing out loans and grants to help finance the Southeast Asian country’s massive infrastructure projects, Beijing’s ambassador said on Tuesday.