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The legendary Red Torch baseball team of Palau

THIS year, the Micronesia Humanities Project recognizes and honors the Palau Red Torch baseball team and its individual members for their outstanding accomplishments, leadership and contributions to Palau athletics.

These ball players include Temol Ngirutang, Feliciano Blailes, Tadashi Sakuma, Albert Shiro, Norbert Belau, Yoichi Arurang, Kamesak Tudong, Robert Bells, Takeo Towai, Benhart Ngirablosch, Martin Sokau, Minor Olngellel, January Osarch, Frank Ngirablosch, and Ignacio Blaluk.

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The Palau Red Torch baseball team in the good ol’ days.  Contributed photoThe Palau Red Torch baseball team in the good ol’ days. Contributed photo

They had played a big role in bringing communities together through sports.

Benhart Ngirablosch said besides baseball, track and field was among the highlights of the United Nation Day celebration back in the day. This and similar events connected members of the island community, he added.

Before Red Torch came into existence, Palau had an all-star team known as the “Olbarau” which played against Japanese and American teams in many events.

As for Red Torch, it held onto the Palauan championship for 15 years and its popularity grew while inspiring the younger generation to take up baseball.

Today, Ngirablosch wishes that Palau can revive the sports competition among all its states during national celebrations such as Independence Day.

He believes that sports can further strengthen community ties while athletes set a good example for the youth.