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Regional News

Micronesian icons and the best talents of 2017

WE honor the following individuals in Micronesia whose talents in film, the arts, environmental protection, culture, design and dance help preserve the environment, culture, traditions, health, safety and welfare of Micronesians:

Journalists/Photographers of the Year — Anne A. Jambora, Lori Lyn C. Lirio

Best Community Photographs of the Year — Linda McIntosh & Che’lu, Michael Kew, Mona Mengloi, Veisinia Peteru

Best Culture Entertainment Photo of the Year — Kambes Kesolei

Best Culture Attire Photo of the Year — Hot Bath Ceremony “Omrei Takeo” by Bibbie Ilebrang Kumangai

Best Culture Voyage Photo of the Year — Ivan A. Blanco

Best Nature Beauty Photos — Kenneth West and Dodge Roxas

Best Underwater Photos — Richard Brooks and Terry Lilley

Cultural and traditional work

Father Francis Hezel, Dr. Vid Raatior, Ned Pablo, Edward B. San Nicolas, Richard Santos, Bill Jaynes, Ongerung Kambes Kesolei, Palau first lady Debbie Remengesau, Harry R. Fritz, Robert Hunter, Gordon Marciano and John Tagabuel

Best Cultural Films — “Che’Lu Orgsnization”

“Irensia Chamorro Dance” by Danny Blas

“Island Soldier” by Nathan Fitch

Most Viewed Blog — The Story Behind “The Micronesians” by Chad Blair, Honolulu Civil Beat

Culture educators — “The Story of Micronesians Fighting America’s Wars” by Chad Blair, CHELU San Diego Celebrating Chamorro Culture, “Pika Guam, Celebrate Micronesia 2017,” Yap Culture by Gunther Deichmann, BC Cook, Palau Night Market Cultural Entertainment by Kambes Kesolei

Micronesia Culture Network

680 Omengat, Belau Photo 101, Ngarachamayong Cultural Center with Queen Bilung Gloria Gibbons, Saipan DCCA, Che’Lu Chamorro Hands in Education, Yap Hitorical Center, Belau National Museum, Chamorro People on Facebook

Culture Network Icons — David Atalig, Jim Geselbracht, Anny Blas, Ned Pablo, Santy Asanuma, Kambes Kesolei, Bill Jaynes, Zaldy Dandan, Dan Suda, Harry Fritz, Emmanuel Erediano, Vid Raatior, Joyce Kloulechad, Gordon Marciano, Mona Mengloi

Art & Creation — Fashion Design Michael Pablo, Marianas Tribe, Belau Tribe, Scott Weers

Best Paintings — Ron I. Miranda, Robert Hunter, Dan Suda, Danny Yokoi


Environmental Educators of the Year — Pohnpei Youth Environmental Ambassadors Club, Umiich Sengebau, Donna Lee Ling, Joyce Kloulechad Beouch

Environmental Education Advocates — Dr. Christopher Kitalong, Donna Lee Ling, Al Kloulchad

Environmental Beauty Photographer Icons — Joseph Ngcheed, Harry Rubasch Fritz, Sunkizzed RS, Sigekazu Hayashi, Scholastina Rufus Falletam, Quinn Kloulechad, Imengel Mai, Vierra Toribiong, Bingham Antonio, Kambes Kesolei, Vann Isaac, Highver Sultan, Harlem Herman, Dee Dolmers

Nutrition & Health Icons — Dr. Christopher Kitalong, Floyd Masga, Peggy Hanser, Peter Terlaje, Ryan Atoigue, Maryann Calvo, Nora Glasby, Sing Miyozawa, Clint Wachi, Enrique Sablan, Salty Saipan, Ceasar Ardos, Irene Charley, Shellain Helgenberger, Coreda Irons, Irene Lebehn,

Nutrition Advocates — Nikki Santos, Clint Wachi, Joe Okada, Josy Termeteet, Sing Miyozawa, Doe Iglesias, Tricia Nicole Chargualaf, Aliikai Concepcion, Chris Tenono, Esper Songao, Elsie Halstead, Pat Santos, May Conception, Barney Antonio Jr., Jessica Williams, Stacy Quintanilla, Nora Glasby, Palau Fitness Group with Clint Wachi and Bo Ngiraingas

Local Diet Advocates — Maryann Calvo, Williander Jones Orak, Robinson Reimers, Kevin Adachi, Peggy Hanser, Terry’s Local Comfort Food, Chris Tenorio, Barney Antonio Jr., Sing Miyozawa Jewett Muna, Maryann Calvo

Environmental Beauty Advocacy and Preservation — Julia Fugurgur, Shinji Higa, Kenneth West, Marilyn Marion, Shigekazu Hayashi, Joseph Ngcheed, Shirl Goodley, Christopher Morator, Will Kruger, Richard Santos, Richard Brooks, Harlem Herman, Otts Otei, Kambes Kesolei, and Bill Jaynes

Fitness & Health — Atley Kazuma, Guam Zumba Team with Sing Miyozawa and Palau Fitness with Nora Glasby

Environment Film Work —   “Kiribati — Drowning Paradise in the South Pacific,” Richard Brooks, Lightning Strike Production, Palau Underwater, Brian Taki

Humanitarian work

Commonwealth Cancer Association, Hyatt Golf Classic, Lions Club, United Filipino Organization, Karidat, Ayuda, Empty Vessel Ministry, Lady Dian Foundation, Saipan Cares for Animal, CARE, Salvation Army, & Hope


Best Music Entertainers — Jed Antonio, Micronesian Nation Band Featuring Dee Uehara and Kids From Chuuk

Best Solo Comedy in a Motion Picture — Raylyn Brub’s son as FestPac Patriarch

Stand Up Comedian — Mona Concepcion

Best Dance Performance — Tipiyeew Dancers “apangaagh,” Tobian Dancers, Tiul Belau

Best Male Comedian in Print —Merv Melatk

Best Female Comedy Writer — Dee Masang

Best Comedy in Film Work — Rexiipoo

Best female song writer — Tamara Okabe

Best Male Song Writers — J.D. Crutch and Halley Eriich

Best Male Songs — “Saipan” by KC Deleon Guererro by Ivan Santos Music of the Marianas, and reggae “Kiribati Conservation” by Brian Taki

Best Entertainment Company — Palau Night Market

Best actor of the year in comedy (overall) — Merv Melatk

Best comedy actor in print — Leompwei Roiie


Sports Journalists of the Year — Frank San Nicolas, James Sablan, Roselyn Monroyo

Athletes of the Year — CNMI Team MBC Title Holders

Most viewed athletes — Frank “The Crank” Camacho and Cuki Alvarez

Most viewed teams — Micronesia Baseball Classic CNMI Team title holder

Men & Women in Uniform — Palau Police Academy, Jason Tarkong and Georgia Cabrera


Most viewed — Uduch Sengebau Senior and Ed Propst


Journalists of the Year — Chad Blair, Lori Lyn C. Lirio, Zaldy Dandan, Kambes Kesolei, Bill Jaynes and the Marshall Islands Journal

Best News — “Guam Honors Patron Saint, Prays for Peace” by Pacific Daily News

Best News Publishers, Micronesia — For covering community events and celebrations as well as promoting all the islands as one beautiful Micronesia: Marianas Variety’s Laila Y. Boyer, Pacific Daily News and Pacific Notes