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Regional News

Culture and environment in Micronesian islands

ON many islands in the Micronesian region, culture is based on the sustainable use of land  which produces food, medicine, building materials and clothing.

Modernity, however, has created many challenges, such as climate change, that islanders now have to face.

In the Federated States of Micronesia, the government has taken action by strengthening policy and institutional capacity as it integrates coastal and water management and implements water security measures.

Many island residents acknowledge that there is still no simple solution to address different environmental problems, but they also believe that education is an important approach to spread awareness. Hopefully, this will be followed by behavior changes, mitigation action, and grassroots adaptation.

Moises Velasquez-Manoff, a science writer, said environmental challenges are intertwined. We can’t address one without addressing the others. He said there is a need for holistic strategies that include  market-based incentives, integrated interdisciplinary solutions, and investments in sustainable systems.

On Saipan, one of the long-standing environmental issues is illegal dumping of trash.

Rep. Ed Propst said the island needs a trash-collection system like what  Japan has. Trash will be collected from all residents and disposed properly.