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Polish envoy presents credentials to FSM president

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services) — On Feb. 12, 2019 Michal Kolodziejski, ambassador of the Republic of Poland, presented his certificate of credentials to Peter M. Christian, president of the Federated States of Micronesia.

“I appreciate that you are here to strengthen our relationship as the first accredited Ambassador from Poland to our country,” President Christian said.

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FSM President Christian and Ambassador Kolodziejski of Poland shake hands.  FSMIS photo

“What I see in FSM really encourages me,” said Ambassador Kolodziejski. “Please count on me if…you want Micronesian interests to be promoted in Poland…. You don’t have an ambassador to Poland so I’ll be glad to serve in both ways.”

President Christian and Ambassador Kolodziejski discussed a number of economic, security, and political issues of mutual interest to our nations. Citizens may be most interested in the discussion regarding the United Nations Security Council. “Peace in the Pacific is so accepted as a normal thing,” said President Christian. “Don’t you think it’s time…for one of the Pacific countries to sit on the Security Council?” Poland is presently a non-permanent member of the U.N. Security Council.

“Definitely the Pacific region should be involved,” Ambassador Kolodziejski said. The FSM national government expresses its sincere appreciation for any support and assistance from Poland and other nations in advocating for the Pacific’s inclusion in this important body.

Ambassador Kolodziejski is based in Canberra, Australia where he is the accredited ambassador for Australia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, the Marshall Islands, Vanuatu, Nauru, and the FSM. Ambassador Kolodziejski is fluent in Polish, English, and Japanese, and before his ambassadorship was the head of the Asia-Pacific Department within Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The FSM is committed towards developing positive and peaceful relations with all countries throughout the world, and looks forward to a strengthened partnership with the Republic of Poland.