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FSM takes precautionary measures in US effort to deport illegal and undocumented immigrants

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services) — The administration of FSM President David W. Panuelo is taking note and keeping a close tab on the current developments in the United States on efforts to deport illegal and undocumented immigrants.

The recent announcement by the White House on its upcoming efforts to deport undocumented and illegal immigrants from the United States prompted President Panuelo to direct the Embassy of the Federated States of Micronesia and the three consulates in the United States to take precautionary measures in addressing any potential misunderstandings that can mistakenly affect citizens of the FSM, who otherwise live and reside in the United States legally under provisions of the Compact of Free Association.

The Trump administration is still working closely with the U.S. Congress on its current efforts.

President Panuelo is concerned if citizens of the FSM, who are otherwise legal non-immigrants in the United States, will get tangled up in these ongoing crackdowns on illegal and undocumented immigrants.

In a recent report by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, “Fiscal Year 2018 Entry/Exit Overstay Report,” the FSM is listed as having a number of overstays.

The Panuelo administration is concerned over the report and is trying to get to the bottom of it to understand the overstays, particularly in light of its citizens having the privilege to enter the United States on a visa-free basis for indefinite duration.

Toward this effort, the Embassy of the FSM in D.C. is currently in consultations with the U.S. Department of State on the report and on any potential fallout that can affect its citizens if and when the massive deportations for illegal and undocumented immigrants do take place.

The Panuelo administration, through the FSM Embassy in D.C. and the three consulates, would like to encourage all citizens residing in the United States to remain calm and refrain from unacceptable behaviors that can cause undesired consequences such as deportation, and to continue to live as law-abiding citizens in the United States.

Should any citizens have any questions regarding this matter or encounter any issues relating to the issue, please do feel free to contact the Office of the President in Palikir, the FSM Embassy in D.C., or the nearest FSM consulate in Portland, Hawaii, and Guam.