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Palau immigration data hacked

KOROR (Island Times/Pacnews) — Palau Bureau of Immigration files were hacked last year, its chief Flavin Misech said, adding that the files contained information about people entering and exiting the island nation.

“It was just a share folder. Share folder means I can create the share folder in the office and open the share folder at the airport while doing tasks at the airport. Everybody has a share folder so we can communicate via it,” Misech said.

The share folder, which contained individual cases and reports, hasn’t been recovered, and the data that was erased remains erased.

When the files were hacked, Wan Kuok-koi, alias “Broken Tooth,” the one-time Macau boss of the 14K triad, was in Palau, but Misech said there is no connection between Broken Tooth’s visit and the hack that occurred.

Immigration’s records regarding Broken Tooth are intact, Misech said. “He left in April this year. He won’t be allowed in Palau under a new executive order.”

Misech is hoping that the technology his office uses will be updated by next year.

“We are working with the U.S. One of my staff met with a U.S. official based in Manila, and they are helping out with the technology that the U.S. is using for border management. We may use that technology soon, and everything will be automated. We already have the hardware but the IT needs to [find out] if it is compatible with [the U.S.] software,” he added.