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Regional News

Toribiong formally submits Henry’s name as Palau envoy to Taiwan

KOROR (Palau Horizon) – President Johnson Toribiong formally submitted the name of Jackson Henry as Ambassador of the Republic of Palau to Taiwan.

Earlier, Toribiong announced that he has appointed as ambassador of Palau to the Republic of China.

 The president said that Henry is highly educated and is best fit for the job.

He said that Henry’s services will be voluntary and he will not receive compensation.

The resolution is now with the Senate Committee on Foreign relations. Henry needs 2/3 of the Senate vote to get confirmation.

 Toribiong earlier served as Palau’s Ambassador to Taiwan prior to being elected as president.

Palau is among the countries which has formal diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

Over the years, Palau has been a staunch supporter of Taiwan's efforts to participate in the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the Pacific Islands Forum, and other international organizations.

Palau and Taiwan established a formal diplomatic ties in 1999.

The relationship resulted in bilateral cooperative projects in the areas such as agriculture, medical care, fisheries, education, culture, tourism, and personnel exchange.

The Palau Culture Center, Palau Museum, and other public infrastructure projects that Taiwan has assisted Palau in constructing have been completed and opened for use.

Taiwan also extended assistance to Palau on the construction of the new capitol complex in Melekeok State.