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PCC all set to house Micro Games athletes

KOROR (Palau Horizon) – The Palau Community College (PCC) is all set and ready to house the approximately 1,000 athletes who will be joining the upcoming Micronesia Games in Palau on August 1 to 10, PCC Vice President Jay Olegeriil said in an interview.

PCC Campus will be the official village that will house all the athletes, including the media and security personnel, who will be participating in the Micro Games. Olegeriil said they expect about 1,291 athletes, 200 of which are Palauans.

“PCC is ready,” Olegeriil said. “We are just waiting for the arrivals of containers so we can do minor renovations. The futons and beddings are already here.”

Olegeriil said they just waited until the final examinations for summer classes on Tuesday and Wednesday, and they have started emptying rooms and putting beds on Wednesday.

All the 32 classrooms of PCC, except for the computer laboratory, will be cleared out. The chairs and tables will be temporarily stored in containers.

“Fifteen to 20 athletes will be sharing one room, depending on the size of the classrooms,” Olegeriil said. “Of course we take into consideration their privacy.”

Each classroom is equipped with toilets, but PCC constructed 17 additional new showers in the carpentry shop. All in all there will be 52 restrooms and 20 showers on campus.

“There are also two buildings on Palau High School campus which we will spill over into to accommodate more athletes,” Olegeriil explained. They have put up four containers for additional showers and restrooms aside from the existing restrooms at the PHS campus. “So our athletes who stay there won’t have to walk far. So it will be convenient for them,” Olegeriil explained.

All meals will be served in the cafeteria. PCC will be serving breakfast for the entire game. Lunch and dinner will be divided among several vendors on island.

“The college cafeteria is huge,” Olegeriil said. “It was able to serve meals for the 2,500 South Pacific delegations, which was bigger than Micro Games.’

The athletes themselves will be taking care of their private quarters. “But maintenance of restrooms and showers will be contracted out to make sure they’re clean and hygienic for everybody,” Olegeriil said.

Olegeriil said they are expecting athletes to start arriving on the 27th, but two teams from Chuuk already arrived on Saturday night. VIPs, officials and family of athletes will be staying in hotels.

“It’s going to be intense and hectic,” Olegeriil shared. “If it’s going to be anything like the 2005 South Pacific Mini Games, there is going to be little or no sleep for us, but it will be fun.”