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Pohnpei to host the 2014 Micronesian Games

Pohnpei will be hosting the next Micronesian Games, which happen in 2014. The first time that Pohnpei hosted the quadrennial multi-sport event was in 2002.

During the closing ceremony of the 7th Micronesian Games held on Tuesday afternoon at the Palau Track and Field, the Micronesian Games flag was officially handed over to Pohnpei.

“We’re very happy and excited about it,” Mike Loyola, Chef de Mission of Pohnpei delegation, said in an interview. He said they really prepared well for their bidding proposal. “We gathered the support of our leaders back in Pohnpei, our traditional leaders, national government leaders, as well as State leaders.”

Loyola added that they found out that everybody else backed out in the bidding. “When we presented our bid, other bidders did not submit theirs. Maybe they like to go to Pohnpei for the next Micro Games,” Loyola said.

Loyola said they hosted the Micro Games back in 2002, but they learn a lot from Palau and Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Islands, which hosted the Micro Games back in 2006. “It has been a learning experience for us,” Loyola said.

“We’re going to try to follow what Palau and Saipan did,” Loyola said. “We will try to do our best.”

First thing that they’re going to do, according to Loyola, is to solicit funding in cash and in kind. “Next is we will upgrade our facilities, make sure that the sleeping quarters for the athletes are okay; and food and security are good. Those things are very important.

“To our sister state in the east, Pohnpei, which will be hosting the next Micro Games, congratulations,” Frank Kyota, Chairman of the Micronesian Games, said during his speech at the closing ceremony. “As the sun sets in the west, we welcome its rise in the east. We are in good hands. The journey of the Micronesian Games continues.”

William Keldermans, President of the Micronesian Games Council, also congratulated Pohnpei. He said Pohnpei submitted a bid to the council, and the council approved.

He added that he hopes that the camaraderie, the friendship, the spirits he saw among the athletes in this year’s Micronesian games will continue throughout the 2014 Micro Games in Pohnpei.