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House requests Toribiong to establish Post Office in Ngerulmud

KOROR (Palau Horizon) — The House of Delegates is requesting President Johnson Toribiong to establish a Post Office within the proximity of Ngerulmud to serve the postal needs of the Capitol and nearby States.

In House Resolution No. 8-17-8, the House said the current and only post office in the country located in Koror is becoming too small to accommodate the growing needs of postal services for individuals and businesses. Establishing a second post office at Ngerulmud will allow the national government, adjacent state governments and the people of Babeldaob to conveniently use this second Post Office.

According to Delegate Lentcer Basilius in an interview, the Capitol has already been issued a 96939 Zip Code by the United States Postal Service.

“It only took two days for them to give us the new Zip Code,” Basilius said. He added that launching another Post Office at Ngerulmud will create additional revenues through sales of stamps, post office box rentals and other essential postal services.

“Developments aimed at Babaldaob and especially the Capitol area will require interested businesses to obtain a physical address,” Basilius added. And the establishment of the second Post Office at Ngerulmud will help serve that purpose.

All requirements are in place, and the Olbiil Era Kelulau (OEK) feels that the timing is right to establish a second Post Office at Ngerulmud to better serve the people of Palau, particularly businesses who will be investing in Ngerulmud and Babeldaob areas.