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Yap governor signs 2 bills into law

COLONIA, Yap (Civic Affairs/Yap State Government) — On Sep. 8, 2016, the Office of the Governor transmitted copies of two bills signed into laws.

In his transmittal letter to Speaker Ted Rutun, Gov. Tony Ganngiyan shared Bill 9-56 and Bill 9-65, which he had signed into law and are now Yap State Law 9-39 and Yap State Law 9-40.

Y.S.L. 9-39 appropriates “the sum of $1,371,210 from the General Fund of the State of Yap for the purpose of providing funding to fund the preparation of the 2018 Micronesian Games for Fiscal Year 2016, and for other purposes.”

Y.S.L. 9-39 “appropriates the stated amount, or so much thereof as may be necessary, for two items — Existing Yap Sports Complex Venue Improvement and Marketing/Awareness. Under the item for improving the Yap Sports Complex.”

The funding was apportioned as follows:

• existing gymnasium improvement: $239,920

• existing track & field repairs: $606,250

• existing tennis court upgrade: $184,550

• existing baseball field upgrade: $273,250

Under the Marketing/Awareness item, the funding was apportioned for three sub-items: $10,000 for a marketing coordinator, $700 for community awareness, and $2,540 for Neighboring Islands meetings.

YSL 9-40 is entitled, “To appropriate the sum of $82,635, from the Special Revenues Fund of the State of Yap, specifically the Fiscal Year 2015 Supplemental Education Grant, for the purpose of providing funding to fund the purchase of computers and accessories for Yap High School by the Department of Education in Fiscal Year 2016, and for other purposes.”