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Micronesia icons July 2017

IN Micronesia, islanders continue to celebrate their cultural independence through the performing arts — vocals, instrumental music and dance.

These include numerous cultural expressions that reflect human creativity and are also found, to some extent, in many other intangible cultural heritage domains including rituals, festive events or oral traditions.

The following individuals help promote the importance of Micronesia’s balanced environmental culture and traditional lifestyle.

Best of July 2017

Best cultural photo by Dodge Roxas & Brad Holland

Best culture lifestyle photo — Dr. Rufino Mauriciao, Dam Suda, Jill Parsons for Chuuk, Margarita Cholymay, Pauline Chinn, Chairperson James Skouge Margaret Maaka Mark Merlin Andrea Bartlett Lola Quan Bautista for envisioning a culturally responsive educational system for Chuuk State, Federated States of Micronesia

Environment and lifestyle — Alan Seid, Sandra Pierantozzi, Marilyn Marrion,

Best environmental marine photo — Carlson Etpison

Best environment landscape photo — Antonio Cabrera on Saipan

Sports and lifestyle — Bill Jaynes

Best sports photo — Marvin Wasisang

Art and creation advocacy—, Lin Manglona, Michael Pablo, Denise Nardelii, Jesse Meno, Tribe Marianas, 670 Rock Steady Shop, Scott Weers, Palauan Vibe, Born N Raised Clothing, Art by Dan Suda & Tattoo Art & Design Mega Vision by Dragon Edong.

Culture, tradition and lifestyle

Cultural Tradition Beauty — Miss Nauru, Lucina Detsiogo

Culture Beauty Advocate — Tanya Salas

Culture Icons — Ana Laffet, Tom Raffipiy, Edward B San Nicolas

Cultural Advocacy and Preservation — Ned Pablo, Enrique Sablan, Ray Munoz, PeterTerlaje, Santy Asanuma, Merv Melatk, Chita Kaipat, Dr.Takuya Nagaoka, David Atalig, Dan Suda

Environment, health and nutrition

Nutrition Icons — John Rojas, Mary Camaco, Ngermasech Boy, Floyd Masga, Maryann Calvo, Nora Glasby, Clint Wachi, Marilyn Walter, Enrique Sablan, Salty Saipan, Sing Miyozawa

Advocates — Marilyn Rideb, Peggy Hansen, Williander Orak, Nora Glasby and Palau Fitness Group with Clint Wachi

Local Diet Advocates — Etrini Joab, Marilyn Rideb, Williander Jones Orak, Peggy Hanser

Environmental Advocacy and Preservation Icons — ShinjiHiga, Gegio, Marilyn Marrion, Palau Dive Adventure, ShigekazuH ayashi, Christopher Morator, Will Kruger, Richard Brooks

Cultural Advocacy and Preservation Icons — Dr. Stefan M. Krause

Athlete of the Month — FSM swimmers Dionysius Augustine & Kaleo Kihleng

Advocates — Rotary Club of Pohnpei, Vicente “Ben” Salas II, Berney Martin of FSM for baseball and basketball,


Entertainment Beauty of the Month — Ms. Perez of Pohnpei

Performers — Jed Antonio of Guam

Musical Artists of the Month — Marshall Islands Ilang Lang 4 & Cal Banglick

Comedians of the Month — Belias Ekebil, Kingston Ace, Justin Jeter, Ann Welschmeyer, Chuukese Vines, Leompwei Roiie, Leona Leong, Ngedikes Dee Hart, Cis C Abraham, Waldo Yamada, Marino Kintaro and MervMelatk

Youth and community

Senipein Youth of Pohnpei, 11th Grade Chuuk Youth attending Clemson University’s Youth Learning Institute & Marianas Young Professionals

Humanitarian and social work

IT&E and the Calvo Family of Saipan


Yap culture by Dr. Stefan Krause, Micronesian Culture Work by Dan Lee Ling, Marshall Islands Culture Work by TonyAlik, James Boaz, Christine Domnick, Ransen Hansen Jr., Obet Kilon, Benson Langidrik, Decency Langidrik, Misako Lorennij, Ayson Maddison, Jefferson Paulis, Isabela Silk and Salvador Iriarte of Pohnpei


Dan Lee Ling Blog, 680 Omengat, Dan Lee Ling, PasifikaRenaissance and Dr. Takuya Nagaoka, Civil Beat Hawaii, Belau Photo 101 with Kambes Kesolei and Harry R. Fritz, Tia Belau Kambes Kesolei, Kaselehlie Press Pohnpei with Bill Jaynes, MV editor Zaldy Dandan, MV sports reporters Vicente “Ben” Salas II, James Sablan and Emmanuel T. Erediano, Palau 2013, Marilyn Rideb of Hawaii, ChuukNews Update Dan Suda, Belau Useful Information with Merv Melatk, Olilai Ikesiil, Palau Fitness by Nora Glasby, Chamorro People on Facebook David Atalig, ChuukYouth, PEC Youth Bradley Kumangai, MV reporters Bryan Manabat and Junhan Todino, Island Times’ Phillip and Leilani Reklai, Merirei Media LLC, Sha Merirei, Palau 2014, ‘15, ‘16 News Work Ololk Kazuo, Chamorro Mingles.