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Micronesian icons, August 2017

IN Micronesia, islanders continue to celebrate their cultural independence through the performing arts — vocals, instrumental music and dance.

These include numerous cultural expressions that reflect human creativity and are also found, to some extent, in many other intangible cultural heritage domains including rituals, festive events or oral traditions.

The following individuals help promote the importance of Micronesia’s balanced environmental culture and traditional lifestyle.

Best of August 2017

Best cultural photo — Uduch Sengebau Senior of Palau

Best culture lifestyle photos — Joany Kesolei, Cid Caser, Frank San Nicolas and Doug Bowling of Guam

Best environment and lifestyle photos — Akiko Udui of Palau & Dodge Roxas of the Philippines

Best environmental marine photos — Carlson Etpison, Shigekazu Hayashi & Richard Brooks

Best environmental landscape photo — Shawn Raymundo on Guam & Andreas Sarafin Rayphand of Chuuk

Best sports and lifestyle photo — P. Tim Aguon of Guam

Best Film — “Coconut, Independent Guahan” by Ana Laffet & “Chelu” Blessing of the Sakman Chamoru by Keo Santos

Best Film Maker — Sarah Filush Camacho, CJ Ochoro of Guam, & Iara Lee of South Korea/ Brazil

Best Book/Author — “We’ll Kiss Like It’s Air and We’re Running Out of It” by Zaldy Dandan

Best sports photo — James Sablan of Saipan

Art advocacy

Art/Design — Dennis DBoy Terre & Dragon Edong,

Advocates — Jesse Meno, Current CNMI,, Michael Pablo, Denise Nardelii, Jesse Meno, Tribe Marianas, 670 Rock Steady Shop, Scott Weers, Palauan Vibe, Born N Raised Clothing, & Tattoo Art & Design Mega Vision by Dragon Edong, Michael Pablo, Manuel Rodriguez

Culture, tradition and lifestyle

Cultural Beauty — Sarah Filush Camacho

Cultural Beauty Advocates — Mona Mengloi, Maryann Arriola of Saipan, Peggy Hanser of Palau, Sonia Siliang of Guam, Dedaes Ng & Gloria Hunter of Saipan

Culture Icons — Cinta Kaipat, Santy Asanuma, Dr. Takuya Nagaoka & Jim Geselbracht

Cultural Advocacy and Preservation — Tina Sablan, Ned Pablo, Enrique Sablan, Ray Munoz, Peter Terlaje, Santy Asanuma, Merv Melatk, Dr.Takuya Nagaoka, David Atalig, Dan Suda, Beketel Elbelau, Mona Mengloi, FlowerPot Salas, Gloria Hunter

Environment, health and nutrition

Best Environmental Film — Julie Castro

Environment & Health Beauty Advocate — Marcella Kesolei

Chef of the Month — Joseph Amoguer

Nutrition Icons — Marcella Kesolei, Helena Rebelkuul, Joyce Ngirkiklang, Dee Masang, Ngedikes Uro, Nora Glasby, Clint Wachi, Marilyn Rideb, Enrique Sablan, Salty Saipan, Sing Miyozaw

Advocates — Marilyn Rideb, Peggy Hanser, Williander Orak, Nora Glasby and Palau Fitness Group with Clint Wachi

Local Diet Advocates — Jamie Toves, Stacy Quintallina, Kathy Tellei, Etriney Joab, Marilyn Rideb, Williander Jones Orak, Peggy Hanser, Barney Antonio Ngiraingas, Bo Ngiraingas

Environmental Advocacy and Preservation Icons — Chuuk Conservation Society, ShinjiHiga, Gegio, Marilyn Marrion, Harry R. Fritz, Palau Dive Adventure, ShigekazuH ayashi, Richard Brooks


Historical Sports Photo — Kasmira Engichy of Guam

Athletes of the Month — John F Kennedy Islanders Football Team of Guam

Advocates — Jojo Santo Tomas, James Sablan, Vicente “Ben” Salas II, Berney Martin of FSM for baseball and basketball & Team Smiich


Best Entertainment — Photo by Ongerung Kambes Kesolei

Entertainment Beauty of the Month — Nina Aldan, The Ollei Girls Band of Saipan

Performers — Darlene Aldan Demapan of The Ollei Girls Band, Kika Tenorio Culture Dance of Saipan, JSA Dancers, Angaur Dancers, & Esther Paulis of Palau, & Ngarangmui Dancers

Best Music Groups — MicronesiaNation Band, Deeboi Mori Takashy, Dee Uehara, NK Kasio, featuring Kendall Titiml

Best Entertaining Film — Kambes Kesolei “Bealau Night Market” performers

Musical Artists of the Month — Rhe’Ann & Ro’ Anna Tudela

Best Comedy Film — “What did you say?” By Reyes Fejeran Roland

Comedian of the Month — Merv Melatk

Comedy Advocates — Belias Ekebil, Kingston Ace, Justin Jeter, Ann Welschmeyer, Chuukese Vines, Leompwei Roiie, Leona Leong, Ngedikes Dee Hart, Cis C Abraham, Waldo Yamada, Marino Kintaro

Youth and community

Youth & Entertainment — Malo Paulis, PEC Youth with Bradley Kumangai, Senipein Youth of Pohnpei, Motherread/Fathertead of Saipan, Saipan Young Professionals

Humanitarian and social work

Rose Peredo & Chuuk Youth Council


Peter Pakemai and Santy Asanuma


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