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A walk along the beach

FAMILIES, friends, student and community organizations usually hang out at the different spots along Beach Road from Garapan to San Antonio. They also bike, jog or walk on the pathway while others swim, ride a boat or fish in the lagoon.

altaltAll this is a common sight everyday of the week, but have you ever tried a leisurely walk on the beach from the Microl intersection all the way to  PIC? The walk includes a return trek to where you parked your car so it doesn’t sound that appealing, unless you are joining a walkathon.

I did walk from across the Ada Gym in Susupe to PIC one afternoon a few weeks back, taking my own sweet time as I took photos of things and people along the way — the waves gently lapping on the shore, kids swimming and adults  sailing or canoeing. I was having a blast but then it rained hard and I had to run back to my car to keep my camera dry.

A couple of weeks ago, I joined a group for a coastal walk starting from San Antonio, passing by the PIC beachfront and proceeding all the way to Invasion Beach. The walk was brisk and I had to keep running to catch up with everyone while taking snapshots along the way. It was not easy but it was enjoyable. We passed by a couple of fishermen patiently standing with their poles in the water, tourists relaxing in lounging chairs on the beach, kids splashing water at each other.

altaltThere are so many wonderful sights to see on the beach — things that a lot of us take for granted.

Why not try a relaxing stroll on the beach barefoot? Enjoy the experience of sinking your toes into the sand while the warm water laps at your feet. Take photos along the way, capture  priceless moments, meet new people or just  breathe in the sea breeze.

Try to do it late in the afternoon or at dawn just before the sun comes up. It’s a heady experience having the beach all to yourself  with no screaming kids, passing cars, smoke from the grill, the smell of barbeque or loud music from a pavilion. Just you and the sky and the vast blue sea and the beach. You can walk all you want and see only your own footprints. This is an adventure that you will not only treasure but one that will refresh and rejuvenate your mind and body.