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Reef Tips: Coral Reef Initiative Summer Internship News Article

As a summer intern with the Coral Reef Initiative, I was given the opportunity to work under the Division of Coastal Resources Management on the Planning Section’s Shoreline Monitoring project. DCRM’s Planning Section aims to preserve and sustain the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands’ coastal areas and resources through special projects.

Shoreline Monitoring is a project which will help the agency determine whether there are shifts in our beaches and which areas are more likely to be affected by coastal erosion or accretion (DCRM Shoreline Monitoring SOP).

Shoreline monitoring involves taking beach profiles through the Berger Level Method. The team I was a part of consisted of three individuals and we divided certain responsibilities among us, including: laying a measuring rope from a known start point on the beach to the waterline; walking down the measuring rope and holding the measuring rod at 10 ft intervals and at other beach features such as vegetation and tide lines; using a survey level, mounted on a tripod, to sight the measuring rod; and recording the measurements taken at each transect. The transects, parallel lines along which the beach profiles are taken over time, are spaced out along the coastal areas on the western side of the island from Pak Pak to Wing Beach and also around Managaha.

In addition to natural occurrences such as strong currents and storms that may cause coastal erosion, according to Nobuo Mimura and Patrick D. Nunn, beach erosion can also be a result of sea level rise due to climate change and the development of infrastructure along the island’s coastal areas (37).

Because of its small size, all of Saipan is a coastal community. For decades, the island has been used for various reasons, from recreation to revenue. Depending on the perspective from which it is viewed, modernization might help the island’s tourism industry flourish in unimaginable ways, but at the same time, modernization will impact the island’s greatest treasure: the ocean waters and the marine life that depend on it. Yes, the revenue of the island will increase due to this economic boom, but the value of the island’s greatest treasures might be the cost.