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Health Matters

BBJ Fitness Corner | Should you exercise when sick?

ATHLETES need to train in order to stay in shape but there are always factors that prevent you from giving it your 100%. Catching a flu or any type of sickness could make you miss a few workout days so the question is should you continued to exercise when you are sick?

What you need to know about ultra-processed food

A STUDY published in May 2019 by JAMA Internal Medicine indicates that ultra-processed foods often have fewer nutrients but they contain higher amount of sugar, saturated fat and additive food associated with increased risk for chronic diseases.

Wildfire smoke is harmful to your health

WITH the recent wildfire on Mount Tapochao, this is a good time to remind the public of the risk of wildfire smoke to your health.

CHCC: Flu season is still here in NMI

IT’S already spring time. We are nearing May — isn’t the flu season over? Unfortunately, the answer is no for us in the CNMI.